Facebook introduces #hashtags


From what started on Twitter, the hashtag has grown to just about every social network – from Tumblr to Instagram or from Pinterest to Google Plus. Facebook today is jumping on the #bandwagon and is officially adding support for the hashtag.

Facebook users will be able to search for and click on the hashtages to see a stream of images, posts and links all tagged with the given phrase. The main difference between Facebook and Twitter’s use of the tag is that Facebook’s stream will be drastically limited by privacy settings, resulting in users only being able to see public posts made by themselves, their friends or pages they are connected to.

The change will make posts imported from other services, like Twitter and Instagram feel less out of place from Facebook.

The feature is rolling out now, with some people already having it enabled with it rolling out for everyone else over the next few weeks.

I guess this means no more ironic hashtag use on Facebook any more. #sigh

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