Finding the gems in Huawei’s AppGallery

Huawei’s AppGallery offers customers the first real alternative app store in over ten years, holding over 11,000 top global apps already its growing quickly in popularity with more than 400 million users worldwide and 26 million active users in Europe.  

Given how amazing their hardware is, I admire their persistence in finding an alternative method of delivering applications to your phone and their ongoing commitment to the Australian market.

“We always aim to rethink what’s possible at Huawei, and our commitment to Australia and our local customer base remains stronger than ever as we prioritise significant investment in R&D to deliver ground-breaking products and digital innovation to all Australians. 

At the forefront of our mission is the pursuit of holistic connectivity which is powered by our Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) and HUAWEI AppGallery, to ultimately build a Huawei-owned ecosystem that provides a world-class integrated experience to our consumers. The announcement in 2019 for the HUAWEI Developer Plan detailed a $3 billion investment to the developer community, enabling them to create the next generation of apps and seamlessly integrate them into the HUAWEI AppGallery, to prepare for the fast-approaching, fully connected future. 

Our experience with the local Australian app community has been hugely positive with our most recently announced partners to the AppGallery including Zip, Canva, Skip and Entertainment Australia, and our success in collaborating with businesses locally will continue to reward our Australian consumer base in the coming months.”

Larking Huang, Managing Director at Huawei Australia

Huawei are offering a number of ways to get your favourite apps on their newer smartphones, like the P40 series, with three components to this strategy.

1. App developers

The first is to pitch developers on creating their apps for Huawei’s AppGallery, and a growing number are doing this. A few notable examples which have recently been added include TikTok, Line, Zoom, VLC and Microsoft Office.

2. Phone Clone

Another method is to use the Phone Clone app, which allows you to easily transfer the .APK for each app on an existing iOS or Android device, as well as your contacts, photos and more. This process can take an hour or more, depending on the amount of data you’re syncing, but is as simple as scanning a QR code.

3. Find Apps Search Widget

The final option you have is to use a new tool from Huawei, the Find Apps Search Widget, which is powered by the Petal Search Engine. There’s a lot to understand about how this magic works, so let me take you through it.

Getting the new search tool is easy, as it comes pre-installed on Huawei’s latest flagship HUAWEI P40 series, including the P40 Pro, P40 and P40 lite, as well as the Mate 30 Pro and Mate Xs. Alternatively, users can download it from the AppGallery, just search for Petal Search.

The Find App Search Widget offers users the ability to search apps, news, movies, music images and more. This technology is a result of partnerships with global and European search engine leaders, including Qwant and Yandex.

One of the biggest questions users have about mobile apps is around updates. With some developers publishing updates to their applications every other week, it’s a common concern.

When people find the app they want using the Find Apps Search Widget, whether it’s listed in the AppGallery, through an APK clone download or through a third-party app store, they will always see privacy notices and disclaimers that will explain how a particular app will perform.

The Find Apps Search Widget shows whether there is a later version of an app its user has already installed and allows them to update it if they wish – simply type the name of the app in the Find Apps Search Widget and click on “update” or go to your Downloads list under your account and find the list of apps which need to be updated.

AppGallery and the Find App Search Widget are available on Huawei’s flagship P40 series and in celebration of EOFY, Huawei is offering up to $200 off the P40 Pro until June 30.

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