Ford Mach-E will have next-gen SNYC and get ‘hands-free’ driving in OTA update

Ford is one of the world’s oldest automakers and after 116 years, they’re about to go through one of the largest transformations the company has ever seen. Ford have just officially unveiled their all-electric SUV, the Mach-E SUV.

While some of the details were leaked online through the week, the official unveiling answered some important questions like where they’ll source batteries from, what charging options are they offering and will they deliver ongoing OTA updates.

This is Ford’s first seriously global all-electric vehicle after their first all-electric vehicle, the Focus Electric, seen limited release 5+ years ago.

As on of the largest automakers, Ford’s announcement of the Mach-E is important to the industry, as it demonstrates they’re now serious about moving to sustainable transport. The car is set to go into production next year, and even more exciting is that Ford decided to use their premium, performance brand, Mustang on this car.


Available in multiple models, the top of the line Mach-E is able to achieve 0-60mph in mid 3 seconds. That could be 3.4 of 3.6, either way, it’s fast, especially for an SUV.

Battery Source / Range

Ford know better than most brands, that a car is about providing opportunity to its owner. For any car to be viable, it has to be able to transport its occupants distances that mean the daily commute, or the weekend getaway are both possible.

Ford are offering 300 miles with their RWD option. The implication there is the AWD versions will get a little less. This is a very competitive range.

Unfortunately Ford didn’t detail where they are sourcing batteries from or any information about their lifespan.


Thanks to a previously announced partnership with Electrify America, the Mach-E will have access to charge at 12,500 charging locations and 400 super fast charging locations in America. DC fast charging will provide 47 miles in 10 minutes.

Thanks to its support for CCS2, in Australia, it’ll have access to the growing number of charging and ultra-fast charging locations including Chargefox and Evie Networks.

Ford are also providing a home charger with the vehicle.

Autonomy / Safety Features

Offering an electric vehicle is almost expected at this point, but the driving experience has to be complimented by 21st century driving assists and Ford have been iterating their way for years. With the Mach-E

Connectivity / Software Updates

The Mach-E will have a 4G modem to provide in-car connectivity. The next generation of Ford Sync was shown off during the event, completely reimaging the user experience. The large center-mounted display features a physical volume knob.

Ford’s demo of their new interface showed live traffic data, charging locations on the maps, as well as be personalised to the driver behind the wheel.

The company also confirmed they will be offering over the air software updates. This was specifically mentioned during the Sync demo, however during the charging section of the presentation, Ford also mentioned there’d be future updates for ‘hands-free’ driving. Expect this to use some kind of driver monitoring system in the future .

Ford Pass

Your phone is now your key. Like Tesla, you can now unlock your car with your phone, just by walking up to it. You can also find the vehicle in the mobile app, check the charge status and adjust the climate control.


Yes, the Mach-E has a frunk. Taking advantage of the extra space afforded by an all-electric drivetrain, the car has a trunk in the front that looks fairly spacious, enough for a couple of backpacks.


Ford have ticked a number of ‘must-have’ checkboxes with the Mach-E to make a successful EV. They’ve got the performance and range figures necessary to be competitive, as well as the connectivity and commitment to ongoing updates.

If Ford can nail the production of the Mach-E, this will be the first serious competitor to Tesla.

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