GE’s smart lighting range starts at $89, starter kit includes Google Nest Mini

Smart, connected lighting solutions are a familiar proposition in 2020, with the ability to change the colour of your lights and command them with your voice, it’s a simple upgrade to your home.

Smart lighting products are often the first IoT product to integrate into a home, and can often be the gateway drug to full automation of blinds, garage doors and more.

The latest entrant in this space is GE, with a new smart lighting range that integrates with Google Assistant.

The GE Imagine range allows you to set up and control your smart lights directly through the Google Home app.

GE Imagine is now available at a number of major retailers including Beacon Lighting, JB Hi- Fi and Officeworks, both in-store and online. Light Source Solutions are currently working with additional retailers to bring this product to as many new users as possible.

Combining GE’s extensive lighting capabilities and Google’s technology prowess, GE Imagine smart lighting was created for the Australian market with the aim of helping customers take the first step in making their home smart.

The starter kit consists of a GE Imagine bulb and a Google Nest Mini. Priced at only $89, it is the perfect entry level product to help customers get started on their smart home journey.

The full GE Imagine range consists of:

  • GU10 bulb
  • A60 bulb BC base
  • A60 bulb ES base
  • Downlight in white
  • Downlight in black
  • Smart Light Starter Kit (inclusive of a A60 BC bulb and a Google Nest Mini generation 2)
  • Smart Light Starter Kit (inclusive of a A60 ES bulb and a Google Nest Mini generation 2)

“GE Imagine is an exciting new addition to the smart lighting market and is
designed to make life easy. Since it’s embedded into the Google ecosystem,
setting up and controlling your lights is simple, quick and convenient.

It makes use of your existing Google Home app and your existing Google
assistive device, and it can be seamlessly integrated into your everyday Google Routines. But GE Imagine isn’t only for experienced users; its starter kit will help first-timers take that important first step in their smart lighting journey.

At Light Source Solutions, we’re all about introducing people to the latest
lighting technology to make their lives smarter, easier and better. GE Imagine aligns perfectly with our purpose.”

Cane Graoroski, Light Source Solutions General Manager
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  1. Actually i went to buy Genio RGB light bulb. But upon reaching Harvey Norman in a suburb of Melbourne, a sales representative saw me and thought of helping me out with whatever i wanted. I asked him to show me the genio smart bulb which was about $15 AUD. He took me towards the table where all these smart bilbs are. Soo he showed me the philips, lifx and etc. but he didnot have the genio. I was about to leave but he said he could give me a rgb light bulb which is in comparison with philips hue light bulb. And the price will be around $28 AUD. Thinking i might get a really good product and also i have a lenovo smart clock with google assistant built in it will be perfect as this GE IMAGINE rgb light bulb he showed me only uses google assistant to work. But what i was not told that it only works with a fucking google mini or nest product. Also it wont wake up slowly light with alarm (wake up light command) nor will it slowly dim the light till it goes off (sleep my light command). It wont do anything else except turning on and changing colour with brightness. Theres nothing else i can do with these stupid lights. Please dont ever buy these stupid lights which are worthless And really not worth any penny. They are not compatable with any other product neither with alexa. They only understand few simple commands. I am really sick of these light bulbs and they were really expencive than other simple light bulbs. I would rather get a simple white bulb than spending even a penny on these light bulbs by GE IMAGINE.

    Trust me dont buy these lights they are wirthless get any other brand and make sure you get an app with the bulb to be able to pair the light.

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