Google Chrome OS running !! [screen shots]

    Thanks to the guys over at GDGT, I now have Google Chrome OS running in a VMware virtual machine. As you can see from the screens below, it’s really just Google Chrome with a couple of extra icons.

    In the top right, there’s control for Power Management, Networking (wifi or wireless) and essentially Chrome options menu.

    It did take some configuring to get networking happening, so the first attempt wasn’t exactly successful.

    Google Chrome OS running on Windows 7 in a VMware virtual machineGoogle Chrome OS screen shot -First boot

    The About ScreenGoogle Chrome OS screen shot - About Chromium screen 
    Networking fixed 🙂
    Google Chrome OS screen shot

    Some work to do on getting to display correctly. Related to screen res, no way of changing.Google Chrome OS screen shot 

    Google Chrome OS screen shot

    If your thinking you want to check this out yourself.. you don’t. The experience even with a well resourced VM is not a nice one. For now just be content with the Google Chrome browser.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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