Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend is live

Guild Wars 2 beta

Searching for something to do this weekend ? How about spending it playing Guild Wars 2! Yep, the long awaited much hyped, freaking awesome massively multiplayer game to end all games GW2 beta has been released. If you’re a Guild Wars fan, you will need to pre-purchase the game to get an invite.

Here’s the bad part, because you waited so long to pre-purchase, all those infinitely copyable limited digital downloads have gone at the base and deluxe levels. This leaves you with just the collectors edition to purchase to get in on the beta. The upside is that this includes a 10” figurine of Rytlock, 112-page making of GW2 book, soundtrack CD and more, the down side is the price.

The collectors edition (and beta access) of GW2 will set you back US$149.99 or 198 Aussie dollars.

GW2 collectors edition

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