Hands-on: Moza Racing GS V2P Steering Wheel, a forged carbon F1-style wheel

    If you’re into sim racing, then you’ll be familiar with the ongoing temptation to upgrade your rig, making it more realistic with every new addition.

    The latest addition to my GT Track racing sim, is the Moza GS V2P GT Wheel, bolted to the Moza R12 wheelbase via their quick-release system.

    Out of the box, it’s immediately apparent this wheel is quality, finished in a stunning forged carbon fiber finish, the chassis provides a strong base for the litany of configurable buttons, dials and switches. Your hands will grip the wheel on microfiber leather which feels really natural.

    From the moment you pick up the wheel, you’ll get a feeling for how heavy this wheel is, tipping the scale at around 3kg, it’s more than double the weight of the ES Steering Wheel. This weight, combined with a good direct drive wheelbase means you’ll really feel the wheel forces.

    The design of the wheel is one thing, but the experience of racing with it is the only way to know if it’s really the way to test if this is worth the money or not.

    Being an F1-style wheel, the first thing to do was load the F1 profile in the Moza Pit House software, then fire up F1 23 to get racing. After a little more tweaking and some button mapping, I was racing and the wheel started to show it’s strength.

    I do a lot of racing and have always resorted to full wheels to cater for both GT and F1-style games, but moving to a dedicated F1-style wheel for F1 racing is fantastic.

    The feeling of the wheel is great, but it’s shifting up and down through the gears between corners really showcases how important it is to have great shifters. These are metallic and actually feature magnets to return them to their static position. As you pull the paddles, the feel and sound combine to deliver a great racing experience. I will say the sound of the paddles is loud, which I enjoyed, but is important to know if you have people sleeping in the next room.

    The bottom half of the divided shifters can be used as clutch paddles but also can be remapped for any axis. The backlit buttons can also be remapped to common functions, like applying a pit limiter, DRS, overtake and more. The fun doesn’t stop there, with configurations and assignments possible with 2 thumb-operated dials, and 5 dials on the surface of the wheel.

    The final element of the wheel design is the multi-coloured LED lights which can also be configured in the software to react to suit your preference, with a choice of colours and thresholds to make sure you have the perfect data to make your shifts.

    I’ll have to race some more before a full review, but the early impressions of the wheel are very good.

    This is priced at A$739.00, currently on special, down from the regular A$799.00.

    This is Moza’s middle-tier GT-style wheel, with the entry-level KS Steering Wheel priced at $499.00 – $545.00 and the flagship FSR Formula Wheel A$1,099-$1,139.00.

    More information at Moza Racing –

    Let us know in the comments what you think and if you have any questions, let me know.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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