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On show at Computex, was Nvidia’s entrant into the portable gaming devices, Project Shield. I had an opportunity to get hands-on with the device and have some early thoughts to share. First off, if you thought the device would be like an Xbox controller with a display strapped the top of it, you guessed right. That’s exactly how it feels in the hand and that’s not a bad thing.

The device may look a little bulky, but I certainly found if comfortable during the few minutes of use I had. The angle of the screen is completely adjustable making it easy to setup for anyone who happens to pick it up. Also to avoid glare from sunlight if used outdoors.

On the noisy trade show floor, we were using headphones so I can’t really speak about the speakers, but unless your trying to get beaten up on a train, you’ll also be wearing headphones.

In terms of the OS, it’s a version of Android and I’ve got to say, I didn’t fall in love with the UI. I have no doubt it’ll get better over time, but it felt a lot like an android skin, rather than a serious, full featured OS designed for gaming.

As for the 5” 720p display, it looked great, but the game graphics (which should have been its strength) didn’t blow me away. Remember this isn’t the only game in town, actually it’s competition is your smart phone, or Nintendo DS, which actually deliver pretty great graphics. Let’s write this one down to pre-release software.


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