HAPEBEAST NFT went full beast mode today, whitelist minters making US$20k overnight

Today, one of the most hyped NFT projects, Hapebeast, started minting their 8,192 NFTs. Just under 7,000 people on the whitelist were able to secure one for the price of 0.2 ETH.

Right now, 0.2 Ethereum costs US$628.31 which each user on the Hapebeast whitelist (Hapelist), would need to pay to mint their NFT over the next 5 days (allowing users to pick a time where gas fees are hopefully low).

After minting commenced, the NFT marketplace OpenSea actually went down. It’s not clear if it was this project alone that caused the downtime, but it lasted a number of minutes. Once the site came back online, the world could watch as the trading began, all before the actual image of the NFT is revealed.

Right now, if we look at the NFT collection, we see what is essentially a blank, digital trading card. When the reveal date arrives shortly, the resulting NFT that was minted will appear, revealing the bad-ass 3D apes with style.

With limited supply and so much attention on the project, prices were expected to rise, and rise they did. The floor price for the HAPE Prime collection on OpenSea right now is 6.95 ETH, a dramatic rise from the 0.2 ETH it cost to create.

This means those who minted an NFT. This means those who got on the whitelist, managed to turn an investment/gamble of less than US$630, into US$21,833.91 in under 24 hours. Now comes the challenging part, hold and see if it goes higher, or sell and move on to the next thing, a decision each individual needs to make for themselves.

So how did this happen? Well, the demand for these is incredible, with the Discord community now more than 474,000 strong, so whatever you think about NFTs, this demonstrates there are a lot of people prepared to spend money on digital assets.

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