Here’s Google Android Gaming controller, revealed ahead of GDC

The 2019 Game Developers Conference starts next week (March 19th – 23rd) but ahead of that we’ve got an important leak. Google’s set to announce a new hardware controller, similar to an Xbox or PS4 controller, that would connect to your Android device.

The reveal comes from @RepsUp100 on twitter where they also tracked down the patent application, submitted back in October 2018 and published January 2019. Side note, someone please send CSS skills immediately to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, their website is terrible.

The controller itself is white in colour with the expected Google accent colours. Google designers have chosen to colour the outside of the buttons, rather than the button colour themselves which I actually don’t mind.

There’s the standard D pad, select and start buttons, dual-thumbsticks, shoulder triggers and 4 control buttons on the right. Those control buttons have no labels which means they can be applied in different ways by game developers. This avoids lock into specific symbols (like on the PS4) or letters (like on the Xbox). Instead the developers could use in-game screens to map the red, blue, green and yellow buttons to corresponding controls.

In the center of the controller we see a Google logo which presumable is the home and power on button. There’s also a dedicated mute button which is a good call. What we don’t see is any charging port or headphone port, so wireless audio may be required.

What do you think of the Google Game Controller ? Would you buy one ?

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Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwright
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  1. looks good visually, kind of retro with the colours (yet on brand for Google)… but ergonomically I have my doubts.

    The bits you grip (the handles?) look far too flat/square to be comfortable.
    Also the Dpad looks like it would become a pain in your thumb (especially in a button-mashing fighter game)… I prefer the more modern approach seen on the Xbox One Elite controller with the flat disc like shape.

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