HoloLens 2 codename is Sydney

Microsoft’s HoloLens was a landmark announcement, developed in secrecy for 5 years the Augmented Reality headset was global news. Since then they’ve had moderate success in the business world, usually implemented as a training device.

While good for its time, the limitations of a high price and limited field of view meant the HoloLens lacked the ability to cut into the mainstream.

News today from Thurott.com indicates a new, version 2 of the HoloLens is due for release in the first quarter of 2019. The Codename for this device is ‘Sydney’, a very Australian refrence from the Redmond-based company.

Trusted Microsoft journalist, Paul Thurott says he seen documents that indicate Microsoft see the Mixed Reality / Virtual Reality market as a must-win. After their miss on phones, its not entirely surprising they don’t want yet another computing platform to pass them by.

As time roles on, there’s an increasing number of competitors to choose from, namely Google, Magic Leap, HTC, Sony and of course the thousand pound gorilla, the Facebook-owned Oculus.

Personally I hope they’ve heard the feedback lound and clear, fix the field of view, fix the price and of course we expect extra quality from a 2nd generation HoloLens.

Do Sydney proud Micrsoft, make it amazing and affordable and we’ll all get one. While you’re at it, it’d better work with the Xbox.

Via thurrott.com

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