Hyperloop One to explore Sydney to Melbourne build

    Hyperloop One are well progressed in their challenge of building Elon Musk’s 5th transport technology, Hyperloop. Recently they announced 35 semifinalists for the Hyperloop One Global Challenge, designed to identify the locations around the globe that would benefit the most from a Hyperloop.

    That list features Sydney to Melbourne and its easy to see why with the prospect of our two largest cities being connected with a faster, cheaper, weather independent, transport system potentially delivering a work in one, live in another opportunity. Whether its for business trips or holidays with the family, being able to connect these two cities in a more efficient way would do wonders for business opportunities, entertainment and tourism.

    Since beginning the challenge in May 2016, Hyperloop One received 2600+ registrants, so for Australia to be shortlisted is no mean feat. From there applications were narrowed down to 60 full applications, of which the 35 strongest made it into the semifinal round.

    The US currently has 11 entries, India has five, the UK has four. The semifinalists will now have a chance to showcase their proposals at three upcoming events: February 28 in New Delhi, India, April 6 in Washington D.C., and April 27 in London, UK. Contestants in each city will present models, maps, renderings and videos of their Challenge entries.

    With so many entrants in the competition, its certainly demonstrates the world wants Hyperloop. From here, the next couple months will be spent exploring these proposals and regions of interests through articles on the Hyperloop One blog and at events scheduled throughout the world.

    Below is a list of routes that made it into the semifinal round (with abbreviations for country codes):

    • AR Buenos Aires-Cordoba
    • AU Sydney-Melbourne
    • CA Ontario (cargo)
    • CA Toronto-Montreal
    • CA Vancouver (cargo)
    • CH Shanghai-Hangzhou
    • DE Autobahn
    • EE Tallin-Helsinki
    • ES Madrid-Tangiers
    • FR Corsica-Sardinia
    • IL Eilat-Tel Aviv
    • IN Bangalore- Thiruvananthapuram
    • IN Chennai-Bangalore (two proposals)
    • IN Port connector
    • IN Mumbai-Chennai
    • IN Mumbai-Delhi
    • KS Seoul-Busan
    • MX Mexico City-Gudalajara
    • NL Dutch Loop
    • PL Warsaw-Wroclaw

    • SA Durban- Johannesburg
    • UK Glasgow-Cardiff
    • UK Liverpool-Hull
    • UK London-Edinburgh
    • UK Northern Arc
    • US Boston-Somerset
    • US Cheyenne-Houston
    • US Gary-Louisville
    • US LA-Ensenada, MX
    • US Kansas City-St Louis
    • US Miami-Orlando
    • US Midwest
    • US Nevada
    • US Colorado (two proposals)
    • US Seattle-Portland
    • US Texas Triangle (Austin, Dallas, and Houston)
    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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