Review: HyperX Pulsefire Haste wireless mouse and RGB mousemat

The new HyperX Pulsefire Haste wireless mouse is one of the lightest mice going around. At only 60 grams, it’s perfect for fast FPS gaming, as well as general use. Then there’s HyperX’s new RGB deskmat. This pairs great with many products and will take your gaming setup to the next level. I’ve been trying out both for the last couple of months. They are fun, easy to use, and make for great gaming. Here’s the low-down on these products.

HyperX Pulsefire Haste wireless mouse has a super neat design

I really love the design of this mouse. The HyperX Pulsefire Haste wireless mouse has a honeycomb cutout shell which is lightweight and feels really nice to hold. The honeycomb holed shell allows airflow through too and so my hands don’t get all sweaty when I’m gaming all night long – or when it heats up in the room from my giant gaming rig.

The honeycomb cutout design makes this mouse super light.

The mouse is on the smaller side and so those with large hands might want to steer clear. My small hands fit the mouse nicely and it glides across my desk with ease. I’m one of those people who travel a lot and having a lightweight mouse is a must when on the go. The Pulsefire Haste wireless fits the brief well in this department.

There are also six programmable buttons. I mainly use these to keybind sprinting/sliding in Fortnite or my build switches on ESO. If you’re a button power user, you’ll enjoy mapping these six keys to your favourite shortcuts or keybinds.

Charging, latency, and connection

Out of the box. You’ll also get some rubber rips and extra skates for the mouse if you need to replace them.

One of my problems with wireless mice is that I nearly always forget to charge them. That’s why I like the HyperX Pulsefire Haste. A single charge lasts up to 100 hours, or for me, two to three weeks of use before I need to remember to charge it.

I didn’t notice any latency in the connection either. Several years ago, latency was a big reason why many people steered clear of wireless mice, especially gamers. Nowadays this isn’t really a problem, so you won’t need to worry about connection issues.

The HyperX Pulsefire Haste runs on 2.4 GHz wireless frequency, which means you can easily connect to most computers, including laptops and MacBooks. Just plug in the included dongle and you’re good to go. This was a plus for me as I could connect it to my gaming gig for home use or take it with my MacBook when I’m on the road. You’ll need a USB C to USB A adapter if you have a newer MacBook.

The USB dongle with a little bit of double sided tape. This is handy if you’re planning on having your mouse on a permanent setup.

Lots of colours

The HyperX Pulsefire Haste wireless mouse comes in white or black. If you want more colours, you can choose the wired option and have the choice of an all black mouse, a black mouse with red highlights or white with pink highlights. The only thing that probably sets me back with this mouse in all these options is the lack of RGB.

Sure, it’s called an RGB mouse, but only the wheel itself is RGB. I’m a gamer who loves lights. For me, more is better. However, many gamers prefer minimal lights as it’s less distracting when playing games. This is very much a personal preference.

Only the wheel has RGB. The rest is plain, simple, and lightweight.

HyperX currently have a sale on their website, and you can pick up the Pulsefire Haste wireless mouse for only $59.99 AUD. Or opt for the wireless version for $49.99 AUD. The white and pink wired Pulsefire Haste is only $39.99 AUD. These prices make all options of the Pulsefire Haste mouse super affordable. If you’re looking to update, now is the time.

HyperX Pulsefire RGB mat

Speaking of colours and upgrading, why not add an RGB mousemat to your setup. I’ve got the HyperX Pulsefire XL mat and I am loving it. It’s sleek, clean design is perfect for my home office. It neatly fits my keyboard and mouse with plenty of extra room.

I mentioned above that I love RGB and having this mousemat as part of my setup is a huge plus. The RGB is bright, programmable, and highlights the best parts of my desk. I can change the intensity of the lights and have the colours synchronise with my other HyperX peripherals.

The HyperX Pulsefire mat looks and works great with other HyperX products.

The mat also as a nice rubbery undergrip. I’m super pedantic and OCD when it comes to my setup, and I like my mats to be perfectly lined parallel with my desk. Having the rubbery underside of the mat means it stayed in place when I perfectly lined it up with the edges of my desk.

Having this deskmat is a huge plus for my setup and I recommend adding one if you love RGB. It’s not for everyone, but I love it. This extra-large mat is $49.99 AUD. It’s well worth the dollars and I’d be buying one tomorrow if I didn’t already have one!

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