HyperX Cloud II headset gets a nice upgrade, plus more colours!

Looks good, and sounds great!

When peripherals get an upgrade, it’s not always clear how or why they are better. Often, it’s just a matter of releasing a new colour, a new material, or even due to a logo redesign. That’s not the case with the HyperX Cloud II wired headset. Building on the success of the Cloud I gaming headset, the Cloud II has a fully redesigned sound card providing amazing sound quality.

Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound

Many headsets on the market are now opting for virtual 7.1 surround sound. It creates a more immersive environment and allows the user to get a sense of depth from the images they are seeing. This is particularly important when playing video games. While its not the full scope of true 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound, virtual surround sound it’s better on a gaming budget and it’s not super noticeable when it’s coming from a headset.

Virtual surround sound comes with similar properties as true surround sound. Instead of using distinct, physical drivers, surround sound is achieved on limited hardware found in headsets. Unfortunately, the way virtual surround sound works differs between manufactures and is proprietary. So whilst I can’t tell you the tricks of the trade, I can definitely comment on the effect.

The virtual surround sound coming from the HyperX Cloud II is amazing. It’s super immersive and really noticeable. I was testing it with some music to start with. Listening to a basey-gaming soundtrack, without surround sound, it sounded ‘shallow’ and ‘tinny’. It still sounded good but it didn’t quite have the ‘depth’ there. Switch on the surround sound – which you can do at the touch of a button, which I loved – and instantly the sound changes. It became ‘deeper’ more immersive. Rather than sounding like it was directly in front of me, it sounded like the music as all around me.

Switch over to gaming and you really notice the difference. I could where a chest was located in Fortnite as I heard the sound in a particular direction. As for Elder Scrolls Online, it was easy to tell where my enemies where based on their footsteps. It truly is immersive and a very sweet upgrade on the Cloud I.

Great all round headset

Okay sure, the sound quality is great, but what about everything else? The Cloud II is a great all round headset. It has soft memory foam cups and a squishy, comfy headband. Aside from sound, this is the most important to me when it comes to a headset. If I’m going to be wearing one for a hours (either gaming or work), I want it to be comfortable. I don’t want that annoying pressure spot on my head. HyperX delivers on this. Sure, my head still gets a little sore after about 8 hours, but that’s my cue to get up and walk around!

Everything you need right out of the box.

I also love the detachable microphone on the Cloud II. As a streamer and an avid Zoom caller, I like using a separate microphone, such as the HyperX Quadcast S. The headset pairs great with this microphone, and I can still add on the headset’s mic if I’m out on the road or in a cafe.

The in-line audio controls on this headset are fantastic. I had a great time clicking the surround sound on and off, and off and on again. It’s super easy to change headset and microphone volumes during a call or while gaming without having to switch to your audio application.

The in-line controls are so much to play around with.

Finally, a wired headset. It’s not for everyone. I have my moments when I want wired, and when I want wireless. One of the reasons I love wired, is I’m always forgetting to charge my wireless headset. Yep, it’s a me problem, but sometimes not having to worry about it is great.

Cloud II now with more colours

Whilst the Cloud II wired headset has been around for a while, HyperX have just released the headset in two new colours. The standard black and red is still available along with the new Gun Metal grey, and Pink and White colours. The Gun Metal headset features all black with metallic grey highlights. The Pink and White headset is my favourite, featuring an all white headset with hot pink highlights. Choose the grey for a more subtle look or go pink to stand out from the crowd.

The pink accents look amazing. There’s also some subtle pink stitching around the top of the headband.

HyperX Cloud II wired headset

The Cloud II headset is certainly not the top of the range headset on the market. The HyperX Cloud Orbit for example features fully immersive 3D surround sound, and comes in around the $500 AUD mark. For $159 AUD, the Cloud II wired headset is a pretty good buy. It’s immersive sound and clean design make it a great all rounder and the perfect everyday headset. You can also buy the Cloud II headset in a wireless version. This is a little more expensive at $299 AUD RRP. However some sites like PC Byte and Amazon have sales, and are selling the headsets for as little as $216 AUD.

Great all round headset at a decent price.

If you’re thinking of a new headset, now might be the time to buy. Plus you have plenty of options with the two new colours released by HyperX for the Cloud II wired headset.

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