I just cancelled my Mate 10 Pro order for a Huawei P20 Pro

Chinese-based Huawei are doing some very impressive things in the smartphone industry. While the challenge of standing out from the crowd is more difficult than ever, the company is doing a great job at innovating and avoiding the standard, ‘just another slab of glass’ look. The company announced yesterday that the P20 Pro is coming to Australia on May 18th.

I recently placed an order for a Mate 10 Pro, imagining the P20 Pro would be some time away, but with the announcement of a close release date, I cancelled it and will now buy the P20 Pro. There’s a few reasons for this decision, but these reasons are also the same as to why I’m going Huawei, instead of the default of most, Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+.

That new camera is widely accepted as the one of the best, if not the best camera on a smart phone. Featuring a unique triple lens system (40MP RGB sensor, a 20MP monochrome sensor and an 8MP sensor with an optically stabilized 3X telephoto lens), along with a massive 24 megapixel front-facing camera, the images that are coming from this device are simply stunning. If there was any doubt the era of point and shoot cameras is over, I give you exhibit A. Cameras are so good now, with their ability to achieve the depth-of-field effects that DSLRs are known for, in a form factor that fits in your pocket and is connected to the world, your phone having the best camera you own, makes a whole lot of sense.

The device certainly isn’t cheap, north of A$1,000, but does land at a much more affordable A$1,195.00 (at Amaysim) compared to its rivals at around A$1,500, a price I just can’t justify, no matter how good. With 128GB of storage and all the sensors to do face unlock, you’re not leaving features behind by choosing Huawei, you’re just saving money.

In terms of design I also really give Huawei a lot of credit for the gradient back and the Twilight colour includes a gradient that spans purple, blue, green is the colour I’m going with. I want my phone to be different than everyone else and this gives the P20 Pro a clear difference and will definitely be a conversation starter.

For those with work and personal requirements, the P20 Pro’s dual 4G sims are a blessing, allowing you to keep your worlds separate, while carrying a single device. Then there’s the killer 4,000 battery that gets you easily through a day. Perhaps most impressive is Huawei’s investment in AI assisting the ongoing performance of the phone, as well as image stablisation and photo magic, thanks to an on-board AI processor.

After comparing the features of the Mate 10 Pro to the P20 Pro, its not clear to me who would buy the Mate 10 Pro, once available, the P20 Pro is better in almost every single way.

More information at TechGuide.

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