If you do anything this weekend, watch this AI documentary

Artificial Intelligence is a rapidly growing industry spreading throughout almost every industry. AI has amazing potential to transform our careers, our lives and through the physical expression of AI through robotics, driverless vehicles how the world fundamentally works.

For decades now we’ve been focused on the speed improvements of processors in individual machines, but thanks to hundreds of thousands of machines working together, analyzing massive data sets, we’re teaching computer not to simply run instruction sets, but to learn. The rate at which they’re learning is the impressive part, hundreds of thousands of interconnected machines in datacenters are combining to reduce complex learning from this big data and doing it in hours or minutes, not weeks or months.

With the big players like Google and Microsoft offering AI platforms, AI is being commoditised, meaning creating AI doesn’t take billions of dollars anymore, its essentially available to small teams or even individuals, so its time to ask the question, should we draw a line in the sand of what we allow AI to be used for?

While most companies and people have good intentions, what about those that don’t?

A new documentary, Do you trust this computer is available to stream online this weekend and while it doesn’t necessarily answer the question, it does a great job at helping people understand it. Featuring a vast array of experts, including Elon Musk, the doco runs for just over an hour and is available at http://doyoutrustthiscomputer.org/watch

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, put some time aside and make sure you watch it.

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