Rick Kelly will now race with triple LG OLED TVs in Supercars sim racing upgrade

    Those following along with Supercars Eseries competition will have seen the large variety of racing sims that drivers are using to compete each week.

    As the rounds roll on (next Wednesday is round 5), the simulators are being upgraded and Rick Kelly has just scored a big new 12-month sponsorship with LG.

    As part of the sponsorship, Kelly’s racing rig is getting a display upgrade to 3x 55″ LG OLED TVs with 100Hz refresh rate a seriously low input lag.

    “We are really excited to partner with LG Electronics Australia in 2020. The LG business and its innovative products have many synergies with the Kelly Racing brand and what we represent.

    During this time our fans are relying on us to remain active and relevant in a period when we can’t race the real cars. Truth be told I’m not a gamer, I’m a Supercar driver.

    Fortunately, LG has helped enhance my simulation experience at home with three LG OLED TVs. This experience really has to be seen to be believed, fast paced action can be seen in outstanding detail with a 100Hz refresh rate and incredibly low input lag. I’m relieved to be set up for success with the best that display technology has to offer at home.”

    Rick Kelly, 2006 V8 Supercar champion and dual Bathurst winner/ 2020 LG Electronics ambassador.

    You can watch the BP Supercar All Star E-series on FOXSPORTS and Kayo along with a vast list of digital outlets including Twitch and the Supercars Channels. In addition, all teams are live streaming across their social channels. LG customers can watch the Supercar series via the channels on their LG TVs with built-in content services.

    In 2020 Kelly Racing has undergone the most significant change in the team’s history. The team has changed their automotive manufacturer to Ford with the 2020 Ford Mustang, as well as consolidating to two Supercar cars from four.

    “We are thrilled to join forces with Kelly Racing in 2020. Supercars are driven by technology and innovation and are the pinnacle of Australian motorsport. LG shares common themes and qualities with this sport, which made this sponsorship opportunity the perfect platform to promote our new suite of products this year.

    It was a no brainer for us to provide Rick Kelly with the ultimate in simulation experiences for the BP Supercars All Stars Eseries. LG OLED TVs truly support the most premium gaming experiences with self-lit pixels. We wish Rick the best of luck over the coming weeks as he adjusts to the at-home simulation experience.”

    Murray Richardson, National Sales Director at LG Electronics Australia.

    Back on April 2nd, this is how Rick’s setup looked..

    And just over a month later it looks like this.. quite the improvement..

    Personally, I just upgraded my racing sim from a 40″ HDTV to a 55″ 4K TV and it’s honestly night and day. The extra size provides a better view of the track and really allows for you to be much more precise on corner turn in, a big part of executing a fast lap.

    Let’s see how Kelly goes around Spa during next week’s Supercars Eseries round.

    For more information head to LG Electronics Australia at

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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