Kia teases the SP Concept, debut at Auto Expo in New Delhi

Kia has just posted some teaser shots of their upcoming SUV concept, known as the SP Concept. While concept cars aren’t typically something we get excited about, often never arriving or typically watered down by marketing before hitting the showroom, this is different. This announcement marks the South-Korean brand’s entry into the Indian market.

The car is due for a full reveal at the Auto Expo 2018 which runs from 7th to 14th February 2018 in New Delhi. Kia’s design department has been working overtime in recent years to transform the brand and for the most part, they’ve done a great job, so with these sneak peeks, we can learn a little more about the future direction of the brand.

Vehicle design is about to change substantially, with the car lines optimising for aerodynamics and reducing drag, evidenced by the smoothed-out sides, with reduced window insets and flush door handles. There’s also more aggressive lines in the body particularly distinctive is the new grille design, the soft friendly curves are gone, replaced by a purposeful hard angled design which looks fantastic.

It’s really hard to miss the array of LED lights that run across the top of the windscreen, sure to brighten the highway ahead of you and turn night into day if this ever makes it to production. There’s plenty of people who are adding aftermarket light bars to their vehicles, so its good to see manufacturers add this to the design element.

Personally I’m not sold on the lighter top, a single colour would be more seemless, but we’re a long way from finalised colours.

The official shots are intentionally dulled to hide body detail, leaving something to the imagination, and the official reveal. However taking those images into photoshop and adjusting the shadow detail enables us to see more of the body and importantly, more of the changes to design at Kia.

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