Kia using Vine to promote the new Rondo and Smart Solutions to hack your life


    As the Australian auto manufacturers are struggling, South-Korean auto company Kia has been standing out by doing things differently. If you’ve ever seen a Kia Optima in the wild, you won’t forget it, it’ll be that time you neck hurt from doing a double-take. The company has done an amazing job of transforming the company from a perceived cheap and dirty, to a respectable innovative company lead by great design. It’s not easy to think of many companies in recent years that have successfully transformed their image like Kia, but producing good products is the key.

    Kia’s latest car is the new Rondo, a 7-seater people mover. To launch the car, Kia is running a brand new digital-led campaign around the theme of Smart Solutions. These Smart Solutions are the everyday practical tips and tricks that make life a whole lot easier which builds on the purpose of the Rondo. These ‘life hacks’ will be posted on their YouTube channel, the campaign also integrates Vine Videos, something I’ve not seen any company use in a promotion. While you’re checking out Kia’s social channels, you should probably check out Pinterest as well, there’s plenty of smart solutions to everyday problems over there. So even if you couldn’t care less about the car, it is worth your time to check out the Smart Solutions campaign.

    If you are a fan of the Kia Rondo, you can submit your own life hacks suggestions via their Facebook competition [], where you can win a brand new Rondo.

    You can see a couple of the initial Vines here &  as the first video on YouTube can be found here


    More info @ Kia Australia

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