Kogan HDMI Smart TV Dongle

With a range of new TVs and products coming out over the past couple of years giving our TV access to a range of internet and video options, some of us might be disappointed if you recently bought an expensive TV which doesn’t include these features. There are products on the market that can fix this issue, Samsung sell a range of Blu-Ray players which will give all the functionality of their Smart Tv’s, Apple sell the Apple TV and also the Boxee box by D-link. All these products are cumbersome and difficult to transport.

Today Kogan have announced a new product similar to their Smart Tv Box, it’s called the Agora Smart TV HDMI Dongle. If the name didn’t give it away it’s small dongle which plugs into your HDMI port on your TV and gives a range of Smart Tv functionality. The dongle support Full HD (1920×1080) resolution, Wi-Fi N, 4gb storage built-in and support for MicroSD cards up to 32GB. All these features are accessed through the latest Andriod operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich powered by a Cortex A9 1Ghz CPU, Mali 400 GPU with 512MB Ram.

At home I would still prefer to have my Mac mini connected but the form factor of the dongle opens a range of possibilities, you can easily load the dongle up with Movies and Tv shows and take it to your friends house or even a hotel. Problems that I can see it’s that even it’s still quite small for this type of product, it’s quite a bit larger than cords that normally fit into the HDMI ports in the back of your TV. Still it’s really quite special and at $99 it’s a steal.

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