Lian Li now offer Strimer Plus V2 RGB lighting for RTX 4000 series cards

    If you care about how your computer looks, chances are, you’ve heard of Lian Li’s range of RGB lighting products. Some of the most popular products are their Strimer Plus V2 RGB cables for the GPU.

    I happen to use the Lian Li Strimer V2 cables in my recent PC build. This includes the 24-pin connector for the motherboard power, along with the 3×6-pin GPU for my RTX 3080 card. I love the impact it adds to the case, along with the configurability available through their software.

    Until now, those with the latest RTX 4000 series graphics cards were out of luck, with the 12+4 pin cables not available, but that has all changed. Lian Li now sells the necessary cables for 4000 series GPUs which means your gaming rig can not only perform well, but look great doing it.

    Lian Li Strimer Plus RGB 12VHPWR 12+4-Pin Cable V2 (162 LEDs) is available for pre-order now from online retailers like PC Case Gear for A$79.00 and is expected to ship on the 26th of May this year. If you’re game, there’s also AliExpress as an option.

    Next Level of Brightness
    Introducing a new side light strip, brightening Strimer Plus V2 in different ways.

    Numerous LEDs
    Allocating a total of 162 LEDs evenly to glow your build with complex lighting effects.

    Smooth Lighting Style
    Illuminate the Strimer Plus V2 with a sleek design by reducing the lighting strips’ width to 2.1mm.


    UV Resistant Coating
    Minimises dust and prevents oxidation.

    Side Light Strip
    To dazzle in multi-direction.

    Stabilising Clips
    Holds the cables and RGB zone tightly.

    Single Layer Cable
    To ensure flexibility of cable by reducing the cable thickness.

    High-End Silicone (TPE) Cable
    Improved temperature endurance fvrom 105 degrees C to 130~150 degrees C.

    12VHPWR Connector Re-Imagined

    To avoid overheating, this 12VHPWR connector features a custom design, such as a welding method to bond the cable and terminal, copper thickness that has been increased to 0.24mm for current stability and an added protective insulation layer between the terminals to avoid power shortage.


    Install Strimer Plus V2 12VHPWR with perfect curvature and sparkle your build with RGB.

    Slim and Flexible
    The thickness of the RGB zone and the cable on the V2 are reduced to 8mm ensuring flexibility for all kinds of configuration.

    Flexible Clearance
    A minimum of 28mm of clearance is required when installing the 12VHPWR connector. For situations where less clearance is available, the plastic shield can be removed to reduce the required clearance to 23mm.

    Match the Colour of Your Build
    Includes extra white strips to match the hardware colour inside your PC.

    ARGB Synchronisation with the Motherboard

    The cable has a 3-pin 5V ARGB adapter to connect to the motherboard directly. Note: lower 50% of the brightness whjen applying static white.

    Additional Accessory: Strimer L-Connect 3 Controller

    The controller that is included in Strimer Plus V2 24-pin (and available separately) offers full control of L-Connect 3.

    Use L-Connect 3 Software to Control Strimer Plus V2

    Gain full control and preview the lighting effects of the Strimer Plus V2 with the L-Connect 3 interface.

    Unlock Your Imagination of Lighting Effects
    Without the need of opening the case, Strimer Plus can now be controlled via the L-Connect 3 software with 11 individual modes and 13 conbined lighting modes. The highly customisable software brings the option of different sophisticated lighting effects to each Strimer Plus or even on eacch channel (2 light strips).

    Individual Channel Lighting Effects
    Each 2 light guides is a channel of LED that the L-Connect 3 can control to set personalised lighting effects.

    Quick Sync with UNI Fans
    The quick sync function efficiently syncs all Lian Li devices’ lighting effects in one click. Moreover, you can sync all devices to the motherboard.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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