Lime users could score a $200 voucher for parking e-scooter and eBikes responsibly

    Lime – the world’s largest shared electric scooter and bike company, has launched its ‘Lime Parking Wardens’ program to improve vehicle parking in streets across Melbourne. The Australian- first program will reward Lime e-scooter and e-bike riders who park responsibly with a time off their next ride.

    As part of Lime’s commitment to safe and considerate parking, parking wardens will be stationed near high-traffic areas, including Southbank, through the Hoddle Grid and in and around the MCG. They’ll congratulate riders who park respectfully with ‘Good Parking Notices’ to incentivise continued responsible parking.

    Four lucky riders will also receive a ‘Green Ticket’ that includes a $200 voucher to Melbourne’s leading plant-based restaurant, Smith + Daughters, in a show of support for local and sustainable businesses across the city.

    As well as acknowledging respectful e-scooter/e-bike parking practices, the ‘Good Parking Notices’ initiative aims to help educate – or remind – riders on what constitutes considerate parking, such as:

    • parking neatly on the kerbside of the footpath
    • avoiding parking against buildings
    • not parking in car spaces
    • avoiding parking near entrances, exits and crossings and don’t lean scooters or bikes against buildings
    • considering whether wheelchair users can get past your parked e-bike or e-scooter

    Responsible parking is an incredibly important part of making sure our service works for everyone who uses our streets.

    We know most of our Melbourne riders park responsibly and want to thank them. Introducing parking wardens enables us to reward our customers and help them better understand what constitutes responsible parking, and why it’s so essential to ensure our service is inclusive.

    Our increased foot patrol also lets us correct any incidents of misparking in a time-efficient manner, with the aim to make all journeys more efficient and enjoyable for all.

    Hugo Burt Morris, General Manager Lime ANZ

    To further help ensure its e-scooters and e-bikes are parked responsibly, Lime has a number of other measures in place, including: an end-of-trip photo that is monitored by a local team; issuing $50 fines to those who mis-park and banning repeat offenders from using its service; and rapidly (i.e. within an hour) removing any vehicles reported as parked inconsiderately.

    To report the inconsiderate parking of an e-bike or e-scooter, users and members of the public should contact:

    Lime’s ridership continues to grow in Melbourne, with the program accumulating over three million rides since operations began in 2018. For more information about Lime’s offering in Melbourne as well as safety tips, go to

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