ManaBar Melbourne now open!


Gaming fans from Melbourne can now combine two favorite pastimes.. Drinking and gaming at ManaBar Melbourne.

At the 12pm opening, the line of more than 100 (small compared to Brisbane) were treated to a live music performance, with music from video games.

There’s plenty committed gaming fans dressed up, many of which you’ll see in a photo gallery from the launch, later today.

Surprisingly the opening was pretty low-key, no count down, no announcement, the bouncer just started checking ID and allowing the first batch in. There’s a 50 person capacity limit at ManaBar Melbourne, so 45 minutes after the opening, the line hasn’t moved far.

Best of luck to Yug (who I met just minutes before the opening) and the rest of the ManaBar creators.

More pics and videos to come.


Check out a video of the line, how many characters can you spot ?

See the moment the doors opened!

Update: the line is still strong, but people are cycling through.


Update 2: Check out this PhotoSynth from inside the ManaBar Melbourne. It may have taken 4 hours to get in for half hour of fun, but I think it was totally worth it !

Photo gallery from the opening..

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