MD of Aussie Broadband does Reddit AMA. Answers questions on NBN and 5G

This afternoon, the Managing Director of Australia’s 5th largest NBN retail service provider (Aussie Broadband), Phil Britt jumped on Reddit for an AMA.

The AMA has attracted 3,600 votes and received a very healthy 828 comments. While not all were answered, Britt did a good job at getting to many questions between 2-3PM today.

As somewhere who is currently using Aussie Broadband for FTTP NBN, I was keen to read the responses to gain insight into the head of the company thinks.

Through the AMA, we got some insights. Many of the questions from Australian customers entered around increased speed plans would be made available.

With 2019 being the year 5G networks will start their rollout in Australia, it’s natural there were a number of questions about 5Gs ability to compete the NBN.

The announcement that online chat support is on it’s way is a very welcome one, as most customers in 2019 are not looking for phone support.

Head over to Reddit now and have a browse yourself, participate in the ongoing conversation.

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Jason Cartwright
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