Metricon partners with Bradford Solar to deliver Tesla Powerwall on new homes

Metricon is Australia’s largest builder, so when they announce a renewable energy partnership, it’s time to pay attention. In a new partnership with Bradford Solar, Australians now have the opportunity to have solar and battery installed with their new home build, dramatically reducing the price you pay for power.

Australia’s home energy ratings have been increasing over the years, but there’s perhaps no bigger upgrade you could do than collect the sun’s energy on your roof (using solar panels) and storing that in your garage (with a Tesla Powerwall 2).

This means the power you use comes from the battery, rather than the grid and also means you have one massive UPS available in the case of a blackout, you could have the only house in the street with power. Prior to this type of storage system being available, any excess solar energy generated by a home was sent back to the grid for which you were compensated poorly, a fraction of what you pay per kW for usage.

In a world where everything is connected, you expect the same from your utilities. By adding this kit to your home, allows you to track and control your solar consumption, energy production and energy use is at your fingertips.  Of course all of this is accessible via smartphone, tablet or computer, you can control your energy efficiency more readily than ever before.

Tesla Powerwall 2 provides a great backup for you home in the instance of a power outage; your your lights, Wi-Fi and refrigerator will be kept running. This feature is available as an upgrade to the standard pack – but a very worthwhile one!

Bradford Solar offer Tesla Powerwall 2 in a package with more traditional solar panels, or those uber sexy new LG panels.

To be eligible for the solar and Tesla Powerwall 2, you need to select a home from Metricon’s Designer range.

The huge advantage of having solar and battery installed with your home build is that it can be added to your mortgage. To buy these packages outright, you’d be talking in the ballpark of A$15,000, but when distributed over the period of your home loan (usually 30 years), it means you’re only paying a few dollars a week to save many hundreds of dollars per year.

Personally I built a home with Metricon last year (it was in the Designer range) and if this was available, my wife and I would have absolutely taken up the offer.

More information at Metricon.

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