Microsoft Live Presentations will let participants rate you with emojis

Ever given a presentation and wish you had feedback from the audience, so you can improve? Microsoft may have the answer for you. Microsoft Live Presentations is now ready for prime time, with Microsoft rolling out the feature to PowerPoint users.

While publishing your presentation online and remotely presenting has been in Office for a while, this is a new and improved version that allows the audience to rate you at the end of your presentation.

Not only can people rate you Uber-style out of 5 stars, but will also ask participants to answer questions on your slide design, skills, content and audience interaction.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the feedback loop is the use of Audience Reactions through emojis. While this feature is off by default, when enabled, users can click the Thumbs Up, Love, Happy, Shocked and side-eyes emoji’s just like a Facebook live stream. These reactions are collected per-slide, letting you know what worked well and what didn’t.

It’ll be interesting to see how participants react, particularly in regards to their reaction fatigue, or if their reactions are legitimately in response to your presentation content, or just that it’s 3PM and they’re all waiting for 5PM to roll around.

Participants can respond to the presentation in real-time thanks to a back-end of Microsoft 365 which includes Microsoft Forms to collect the data.

If you have a thick skin and are literally up for feedback to improve, then it’s definitely worth giving it a try. When your presentation starts, a QR code is created and participants can scan to be taken to a URL of your presentation on their phone, or simply visit the URL on their desktop.

If you present to the world, there’s even a tally of how many participants you had during the presentation.

Via MS Power User.

Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwright
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