Microsoft has started rolling out Windows 10 Creators Update, here’s how to get it now!

    The second major update to Windows 10 has begun rolling out to the world. Known as the Creator’s Update, this update has surprisingly little for creative users. The most creative feature addition is 3D Paint which allows users to creation and edit 3D objects for the first time, in an app included in the OS.

    There’s lots to like in the new update if you’re a gamer, with the introduction of Beam, which lets users stream their gaming live online to a growing audience. Essentially this is Microsoft’s competitor to Twitch and is also available on the Xbox One. A new Game Mode also allows the OS to ditch resource hungry apps and services running in the background to ensure your game runs the best it possibly can.

    Microsoft’s browser, Edge gets a few updates, but you’ll still use Chrome.

    The Windows Store gets a UI refresh which helps to do a better job at surfacing new content, but there’s still a very long way to go before the Store is an experience anyone would describe as delightful.

    As a Windows Insider who’s been using the new update for some time now, the single most useful feature day-to-day is the new Night Light feature. Available conveniently from the Action Center, it lets your displays change to a softer yellow tint, reducing eye strain as you power on through the early hours. This can be scheduled to turn on and off at specified hours of the day, or enabled/disabled manually.

    So the big question, when will you get the Creators Update? That’s actually a hard questions to answer. Like the initial rollout of Windows 10, this will take a while, with hundreds of millions of PCs and device across the globe to update. Microsoft say the machines they have complete confidence in will receive it first, so you’re timing is somewhat dependent on your specific hardware and peripherals.

    Get it now.
    If you’re a power user and know what you’re doing, then you can get it right now by visiting the direct download link at Microsoft.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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