Nanoleaf launches new Elements Range with a wood look to their smart light panels

    Nanoleaf became famous a few years back when they launched a very unique hexagonal lighting system. Continuing their innovation, Nanoleaf has announced the launch of their Elements Wood Look Hexagons. This new modular ambient lighting experience for your home or office, looks like an art installation when it’s not on, rather than the white plastic aesthetic offered by the original.

    If your home has any kind of wood features, be it flooring, furniture or frames, the wooden panels will compliment the room beautifully. The wooden faces are backlit and can really add to the visual experience of your home office, bedroom, or living room as the sun goes down.

    Following the success of Nanoleaf’s color-changing line of light panels, Nanoleaf introduces a new smart decor lighting product that merges the worlds of smart technology and custom home design. The fun part about adding Nanoleaf to your home, is that you can arrange the Elements Wood Look Hexagons to create custom layouts on your wall, offering the personalized lighting experience

    Made to look beautiful on or off, each Elements panel features a unique wood grain-like texture inspired by nature. The panel’s balanced neutral color and ultra-thin panel design allows the lights to seamlessly fit in with your home’s decor. Even when powered off, Elements is a standalone piece of artwork that adds elegance to your home.

    But the real magic starts once Elements come to life.

    Turn on your Elements hexagons to fill your space with dynamic glowing effects, setting the ideal mood for inspiration during the day, or relaxing in the evening. Nanoleaf’s innovative, new corner control technology enables each apex on the panel to light up independently, creating surreal organic motions resembling embers in a fireplace, or gently moving clouds on a sunny day.

    Inspired by nature, Nanoleaf Elements bring the outdoors in to create more comfort and balance into your home with a wide range of cool to warm white options from 1500-4000K. With 11 preset lighting Scenes including a new ‘Organic’ Motion, choose from a mesmerizing ‘Fireplace’ or a ‘Calming Waterfall’ or make your own Scenes in the app to create your personal oasis. Users also have the option to select from thousands of existing RGB Scenes in the app’s ‘Discover’ tab, with colors recalibrated into white lighting using unique mapping technology that’s built into the panels.

    Elements comes with the classic Nanoleaf features including Rhythm Music Sync, Schedules, Touch capabilities and Circadian Lighting. Schedule your lights to turn on in the morning and help you ease into your day with soft warm lighting, or activate Circadian Lighting to automatically adjust the light’s color temperature throughout the day to balance your body’s natural rhythms.

    In the evening, use the Rhythm Music Sync to unwind with your favorite playlist as the lights sway along to the melodies.

    “Our goal is to break the barrier between technology and design. With Nanoleaf Elements, we want to bring the best parts of the natural elements indoors, creating those comforting experiences we all crave as human beings, all without sacrificing cutting-edge technology.

    Most smart products have been made to only focus on functionality and not how it fits into a home. We’re here to change that. We believe that a smart home can be innovative, forward-thinking and also welcome you warmly into a space.”

    Gimmy Chu, CEO and Co-Founder of Nanoleaf.

    The Nanoleaf Elements range is available in Smarter Kits (7 Light Panels) for AUD$429.99 and Expansion Packs (3 Light Panels) for AUD$149.99.

    You can control the smart lights with the manual controller included or by using the Nanoleaf App for more customizations. Elements also works with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Samsung SmartThings and IFTTT integrations.

    You can pre-orders for Nanoleaf Elements will begin on June 4th and will be available from JB Hi-Fi, Amazon AU, and

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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