New Samsung ATIV Smart PC products makes your office portable [Sponsored]


    Samsung’s here and ready to play with a range of Windows 8 devices. The ATIV Smart PC product range give you plenty of options, but one of the most interesting is the ATIV Smart PC Pro. The convertible tablet and with keyboard dock brings the productivity of a notebook with the convenience of tablet.

    There’s plenty of other Windows 8 devices hitting the market right now, so lets take a look at what makes the ATIV stand out and demand your attention.

    The ATIV Smart PC Pro rocks an 11.6" LED display that runs full HD resolution. There’s a couple of reason why this high resolution is a big deal. First off, it’ll play your 1080p movies from edge-to-edge, helping to eliminate those pesky black bars. Next is the productivity gains. As a developer for Windows 8, I’m all too familiar with having your app scale appropriately for different screen sizes. Basically its really simple, with so many pixels, you fit lots on the screen.

    The ATIV Smart PC Pro runs Windows 8 (64-bit) not Windows RT, which means you’ll have full access to install your favourite apps on the desktop. This means you can arrange multiple applications whoever you like. With 1920×1080 to play with, two apps will easily sit next to each other in a 50/50 split.

    That display gets even better when you realise it can cope with 10 of your greasy fingers touching it at once. This comes in really handy when taking a break from the work and enjoying some gaming. Samsung’s famous S-Pen is also included with the device. This is made by Wacom and delivers pressure sensitivity and accuracy that feels like using a normal pen or pencil. If you think visually and want to ditch that old-school notepad, this will be a killer feature for you.

    Some of the other noteworthy specs of the device, the 0.88kg body hides a 1.70GHz Core i5 processor, 4GB 1,600Mhz DDR3 RAM, 128GB SSD and integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics.. Quickly becoming a standard in mobile devices is the Micro HDMI connector for video out, along with a micro-SD slot. Powering the ATIV Smart PC Pro is a 4 Cell (49Wh) battery, but if you’re getting down to work, you’ll be docked into power.

    To see the ATIV Smart PC Pro in action, check out the video below.

    For more information, head over to Samsung Australia.

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