New Telstra plans include 5G on plans over $80pm

Telstra have announced a pretty sweeping overhaul of their mobile plans today. The new plans include new month-to-month mobile plans with no lock-in contracts and no excess data charges in Australia.

This change radically simplifies the plans available from Telstra which helps both customers and Telstra as a business, as managing thousands of different variants is needlessly complex.

The new plans also include a free trial to Telstra new (very limited) 5G network. This includes access until 30 June 2020, but after that you’ll need to pay up.

It seems right now the 60GB for $60pm (or medium plan) is the best value for those changing BYO plans, while the plans as large as 150GB for A$100pm.

Personally, I’m on a 15GB/$50pm BYO plan already, so the transition would simply add the free trial for 5G.. without a 5G-enabled device yet, the switch seems just like an opportunity to pay more for more data I’m not currently using. Until 5G gets further coverage (like Albury Wodonga), It’s hard to justify the extra. Once 5G is more prolific, I’ll be tempted to take my phone off WiFi (IoT device control still an issue) at home and reduce the NBN bill. Interesting times ahead.

Maybe the most interesting of all is how Telstra are pricing the value of 5G and the volume of data they expect people to use on the much faster service.

Those in people who select a mobile plan of $80pm or more will effectively get 5G for free. If you’re in that camp, happen to have a 5G handset and are in a 5G area, you’re loving life right now. If you’re someone who is focused on the cheaper options, you’re base plan of $50 would become $65 with 5G access, or $60 plan becomes $75 with 5G.

The larger plans come with an decent amount of data for today’s needs. It does seem a little ambitious that someone on the 15GB/$50pm plan, pays $15 extra for 5G and receives no additional data. That seems like a recipe for disaster.

Another important attribute of the changes today is that Telstra are ditching overage chargers. Gone are the extra $10 per 1GB of data, instead they’re shaping your speed for the remainder of the month, like good old ADSL plans used to.

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