Next Level Racing adds Flight Simulator Lite, affordable, foldable compatible

Next Level Racing recently launched a new product called Flight Simulator Lite to their 2021 lineup. Typically a racing simulator manufacturer, NLR also offer mounting options to enable those who enjoy flight simulators, a great in-home solution.

The new Next Level Racing Flight Simulator Lite offers a fully immersive flight experience in a compact form-factor like no other. Like the racing version of the GT-LIte, this one is also a foldable design, making it practical for those who don’t have the space for a perminant setup.

The idea here is that you can take it out and have it setup in minutes and when you’re done, simply fold it away for storage. The flight simulator cockpit, offers great compatibility with flight electronics such as yokes, rudders, joystick and throttle peripherals from all major brands.

While the sim has a compact form-factor, it is also highly adjustable for height, tilt and distance, as well as keyboard and mouse support.

The Next Level Racing Flight Simulator Lite is perfect for users that enjoy a variety of commercial, combat and space flight simulation and anyone who’s played the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator with a keyboard, will understand you really want to be in a sim for an experience like that.

As part of the all-in-one solution, the new cockpit will also be compatible with major racing electronics, making it almost a 2-for-1 deal, just bolt on a wheel and pedals and you can have a diverse gaming exerience on the sim.

“We are proud to introduce our new Flight Simulator Lite cockpit, which was conceptualized and created thanks to extensive research on the flight sim market. The new cockpit, whilst aimed at the entry-level enthusiast, offers unparalleled compatibility and versatility for users to experience true immersion at a highly competitive price point.” –

Hess Ghah, CEO of Next Level Racing

Next Level Racing also announced the F-GT Lite/GT Lite Flight Pack. This is an add-on for the Next Level Racing F-GT Lite and GT Lite cockpits. The new Flight Pack transforms racing cockpits into a flight solution with ease, offering a joystick and throttle mount on both sides. The pack also includes a side mouse tray and central keyboard tray for easy navigation, giving users a complete flight simulation experience at an affordable price point.

Price and Availability

The Next Level Racing Flight Simulator Lite is available from mid-April through global retailers, those in Australia will pay A$499 (GST included), and in the UK 249 GBP (VAT included), while Europe costs 299 Euro (VAT included) and North America $299 USD,

The Next Level Racing F-GT Lite / GT Lite Flight Pack is available from mid-April through global retailers, and costs A$149 (GST included) in Australia, 89 GBP in the UK (VAT included), for those in Europe 99 Euro (VAT included) and $99 USD for North Americans,

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