Nintendo Labo is a crazy array of cardboard Switch accessories

Nintendo has announced a crazy new accessory for the Switch today. Essentially Labo is a set of cardboard accessories that gives you plenty of more ways to use your Nintendo Switch. Not content with the dock and portable options, it seems Nintendo is set on making the Switch the true transformer.

Nintendo Labo is designed to bring more fun to your switch. As indicated by the colourful joy-con controllers, we know Nintendo is keen of fun and this DIY cardboard assembly can transform the device into a Build a 13-key piano, fishing pole, even a motorbike. Your Nintendo Switch then lets you Hold a recital, Catch a fish or Win a race, its definitely a case of something nobody was asking for but allows the company to extract more uses from existing investments in the hardware. Is it likely to increase sales of the Switch, probably not, but for those who bought early, they’re probably ready to invest some more money into the platform.

There are 2 kits, Toy-Con 01 – Variety Kit and Toy-Con 02 – Robot Kit, both of which come with step-by-step instructions and will be available by April 20th, 2018. They range from US$69.99 to US$79.99 which does include some extra software to turn your creations into interactive accessories for the switch, but still, that’s a steep price for some cardboard.

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