North Korea cuts 3G for tourists, doesn’t want pics of Kim on Instagram


    North Korea, the land of dreams, nuclear missiles and as of a month ago 3G data for tourists. But now it’s just the land of dreams and nukes.

    As of February 22, North Korea introduced a program that allowed tourists access to 3G data in a hope to boost tourism in the region, but just over a month later it seems they have thought twice about it and cancelled it. The states population has always been banned from the internet, however, long term visitors had access and it looks to stay that way still with tourists being banned just like the locals.

    Tourists can still have access to sim cards for voice and text, but data is a no go which means popular services like Instagram, Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter won’t be getting out over 3G.

    There has been no explanation for the sudden back down, but perhaps Kim accidentally clicked the wrong button when he was learning how to computer.

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