Norton 360 offers new features to keep your life and family secure

Protecting your devices from the bad guys is definitely not a new challenge, but the threat is constantly changing. To feel confident in your ability to defend yourself, you need a product that is constantly growing and evolving as the threat landscape evolves.

Norton is making a renewed appeal to be your security solution with the new Norton 360. The product expands from just securing your data on PC and Mac, but on Mobile as well, your Online profiles and one of the biggest fears, securing against identity theft.

The product name is 360 for a reason. Norton sees software and services as a complete security solution.

This year’s product offers a range of pretty compelling new features and those features are offered in a product that is really low impact on your system, a result of user feedback over a number of years and renewed engineering effort to optimise their software.

Real-time Threat Protection

By now, most of us realise the things that are risky, like opening email from sources we don’t know, visiting sketchy websites to download software etc. Norton says the typical broad-based attacks are becoming less effective as security vendors get better about protecting users.

This doesn’t mean you get to fast and loose with your device, it just means the bad guys are getting more sophisticated and more targeted.

Norton 360 offers a multi-layered technology stack to help defend against existing and emerging threats automatically. This including malware such as ransomware, spyware, viruses, phishing and more.

Secure VPN

Security is now as much about protecting you and your personal data as it is the files in your Windows directory.

As you go about browsing the web, parts of your activity are being left all over the web, much of it you won’t be conscious of. While you could be ultra-conservative, the best approach is to browse anonymously and securely with a no-log VPN. Norton 360 offers the ability to encrypt your web traffic through the VPN to secure your web traffic. This helps keep your information like passwords and bank details secure and private.

Password Manager

All of us have far too many passwords for online services that we struggle to remember. While there are plenty of solutions on the market, password management is now just a feature included in Norton 360.

Easily create, store, and manage your passwords, credit card information and other credentials online. There’s a master password and as long as you can remember that, you’re all good.

One neat feature is that the service will compare the hash of a new password against the hashes of your other passwords and warn against using the same passwords for multiple services.

Secure Cloud Backup

Securing your data means protecting it against device failure, loss or compromise. That means having a backup of your data is critical, in 2019, that definitely means cloud storage.

Included as part of Norton 360, you get some storage for free, but you can always purchase more to make sure your most important files and documents are preserved. If you ever were exposed to ransomware, you then have a restore plan, just format your existing hardware and re-download your files.

Parental Controls

Norton are also making efforts to protect your family with a new range of supervision tools and reports to help you manage your kids’ activities online.

While this can certainly be an uncomfortable reality of being a modern parent, ensuring your kids are safe online as they learn, explore and enjoy their connected world is critical.


Many of our devices now have webcams and while it is highly unlikely, there is a level of concern that some have, regarding the webcam in your laptop.

To ensure the webcam can not be remotely activated without your knowledge, Norton can notify you if cybercriminals are trying to use your webcam, and help block them.

100% Virus Protection Promise

Norton are pretty confident in their ability to perform the traditional role of anti-virus protection. They are offering a deal that includes keeping your personal devices virus-free or you get your money back.

Pricing and Availability

Norton 360 is available now for A$99.00 for 1 device, or A$229.00 to protect 5 devices.

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