Nvidia GeForce Experience update: adds Freestyle, enhances Ansel


NVIDIA Freestyle, is a new feature that is coming to the Geforce Experience, which anyone with an Nvidia GPU should be familiar with. The latest addition to the GeForce Experience, NVIDIA Freestyle, allows you to apply post-processing filters on your games while you play. Right from the in-game overlay, you can change the look and mood of your game with tweaks to color or saturation, or apply dramatic post-process filters. These are designed to enable you to get more creative with your games. For example, you can create a retro war-themed filter for your favorite FPS or enhance color and contrast to make a game look more photorealistic.

At the time of launch, there’s 15 filters and 38 different settings (some filters have multiple settings) to choose from. They include:

Black and White Exposure Sepia
Color Half Tone Vignette
Colorblind Mood Depth of Field
Contrast Night Mode Special FX
Details Retro Adjustments

Over recent times our phones and Windows 10 have added night modes which reduces blue color to reduce eye strain as you game well into the night and Nvidia are also including night mode, which they believe will help you sleep better after a night of gaming. Guess that depends on the game you’re playing, if it was anything with zombies, then good luck.

Freestyle’s more serious uses include a colorblind mode that makes it easier for colorblind gamers to differentiate between colors.

Freestyle is being implemented at the driver level for seamless compatibility with games, meaning it should take extra GPU cycles to layer the effects on top of your video, its being processes on the fly before the content is rendered out to the display (read: once, not twice). At launch, Freestyle game filters beta will support for over 100 game titles.

Another great part of the Geforce Experience is NVIDIA Ansel, which is the awesomely powerful photo mode for games. In the next release, it’ll get a UI refresh, but I’m hoping they can convince more game developers to adopt Ansel, as good as it is, only 1 game I played in 2017 supported it.

The new Freestyle game filters and Ansel photo mode features will be available in beta on January 9. To get them, download the latest GeForce Experience app (release 3.12) and Game Ready Driver (release 390). Then enable Experimental Features from within GeForce Experience settings.


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