O’Connor wants R18+ guidelines voted on by July


Like anything trying to get pushed through government it takes time and the issue of R18+ game classification has been rattling around for years with many broken promises of resolution.

The latest in this on going issue is an interview GameSpot Au had with Federal Minister for Home Affairs Brendan O’Connor. O’Connor told GameSpot AU that he would like to vote for the new guidelines in the July SCAG (Standing Committee of Attorneys-General) meeting.

Really there is no reason why a voting shouldn’t take place in July, the dead line for the proposed R18+ guidelines is at the March SCAG meeting, but voting cannot take place because the NSW attorney General, John Hatzistergos is unable to attend because of the NSW state election on March 26th. Though O’Connor does think the March SCAG meeting will be a good chance for review of the new guidelines by ministers and decide on how to continue.

O’Connor is positive that Australia could have an R18+ classification for games before the year is out because all the arguments are in favour of change.

Finally O’Connor said “We can’t continue to have an out-dated arrangement, which doesn’t reflect technological changes, just like we can’t continue to deny the rights of adults. We simply can’t continue to justify the current arrangement,”

In reality this could possibly be just be PR stunt as the NSW state election nears.

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