Of course there should be pink drones

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In the world of drones, your colour options are black or white. There’s been some companies that turn to stickers to enhance the visual appeal and personalisation of a drone, but for the most part, the colours are just plain unappealing.

If drones are to move past an enthusiast product and into the mainstream, they, like phones, like cars have to have many different offerings to suit the largest possible audience.

At CES Asia, the first pink drone arrived, as you could imagine this one specifically targets girls. Of course if your a guy and pink is your colour, go for it, and if your a girl who loves the stealthy black look, go for it. The colour and material options are designed to be restrictive, instead the opposite.

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Another option from GHOST was a candy apple red and chrome combination. At this point you shouldn’t be shocked if a gold option pops up to match that MacBook or Apple Watch.

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From the company’s booth at CES Asia, you can see the full colour gamut represented, indicating their strong will to produce drones with a difference. It was certainly a distinctive shift in direction, compared to the others at the show that focused on higher resolution cameras and better, gimbals and controller smoothness.

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