Oh Snap! techAU Windows 8 app now available!

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    While Windows 8 hit the RTM milestone last week, you don’t need to wait any longer to get your grubby mits on the techAU app. Built according to Microsoft’s Metro Windows 8 guidelines, the app takes advantage of a clean, slick UI showcasing the latest posts, reviews, podcasts, writers and social accounts.

    We’ve also taken advantage of the Window 8 Share contracts, so if you see an article you like, simply hit WinKey+C for charms and hit Share. You can also right click and bring up the AppBar to view the story on the web.

    The app has been in development for months and has finally hit the Windows 8 Store today! Yep, there’ll be bugs for sure, that’s just the nature of software development (its written in XAML C# for those playing at home). With the apps release and feedback already starting to flow, its going to be a big weekend working on the first update.

    What an awesome way to end a Friday! Thanks to everyone who downloads and spreads the word to let everyone know there’s a little Aussie developer out of Wodonga, VIC mixing it with the big guys. So that’s it, no more reading, just go download it and let me know what you think.


    I did attend a Windows 8 developer camp that proved invaluable, also there’s plenty of resources available at if you want to build your own app. I will take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to Michael Kordahi who has been amazing through the process.

    Download it now


    Even if you don’t have Windows 8, you can see a preview by clicking the image above.

    Version 1l.1 is ready to push with a number of bug fixes, but app updates are currently not allowed from the Release Preview. Once the RTM build is released to MSDN, the update will be published. Thanks to all who have downloaded.. please tell your friends.

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