Perth gets its first Tesla Supercharger and it’s a 6-bay, V3 offering 275 km of charge in 15 minutes

If you’re a West Australian Tesla owner, then you’ve been patiently awaiting some serious recharging infrastructure and today we have some great news. Perth now has its first Tesla Supercharger station.

Located in the Perth metro area, the new 6-bay new Superchargers will go live at the new-look Karrinyup Shopping Centre. While the setup looks complete, we’re told it’ll go live in the coming weeks.

Tesla’s Supercharger network features more than 25,000 stalls across the world, with a growing list in Australia. By conveniently locating many near desirable amenities like shopping centres, restaurants, and WiFi hot spots, it provides owners a convenient experience. 

While V3 Superchargers have been rolling out in the US for a few years now, they only recently arrived in Australia. It looks like all new Superchargers will use V3 technology, which provides up to 275 km of charge in 15 minutes for Model 3.

Following a series of first to Perth retailer announcements, AMP Capital’s Divisional Investment & Development Manager WA, Scott Nugent, said that the installation of Tesla Superchargers is another major milestone moment for Karrinyup and that the technology is simple and convenient for customers to use. 

“We’re committed to creating something exceptional at Karrinyup which cannot be found anywhere else in Perth. Delivering Perth’s first Tesla Supercharger station means that our customers can now enjoy the experience of recharging their Tesla vehicles while shopping, dining, or spending time with friends and family at Karrinyup.

Karrinyup’s truly innovative mix of retailers and services means that everything from family entertainment, to celebrated fashion and lifestyle, to everyday convenience can now be found under one roof.” 

Mark Tipping, President of the Tesla Owners Club of Australia, said that the club is delighted about the arrival of the first Supercharger station in Perth.

“Driving an electric vehicle is a fantastic way to contribute towards lowering Western Australia’s carbon emissions. It’s great that these Superchargers are positioned in such a handy location at Karrinyup. This is a really positive step for WA’s Tesla owners, and I hope will encourage others to think about driving an electric vehicle.”

The Tesla Supercharger station will be open to the public by early August, coinciding with the major launch of Karrinyup Stage One, which will celebrate the opening of over 60 new stores at The Fresh Market and Karrinyup’s urban fashion offering – The Loop, Ground Level.

Elon Musk recently confirmed that Tesla’s Supercharger network will open to other brands of EVs. This means that the extra 6 Superchargers will immediately benefit Tesla owners, by the end of the year, some other brands should also be able to leverage the location.

The terms and conditions of non-Tesla vehicles charging at Supercharging is still yet to be released.

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