Plush’s new connected couch range comes with USB ports.

Plush have a new Cameo range of lounges and there’s something pretty special about them. The couches feature integrated USB ports. With most of us using laptops or phones as second screens while watching TV, this makes so much sense and something more couches should embrace. Lets hope they offer a choice of it with USB Type-C as there’s no doubt that’s the way the industry is going. With the right USB-C, you could power laptops and phones, Nintendo Switch and more.

To provide power to the couch, you’ll obviously need to consider where you’re going to route the power cord to the nearest powerpoint. Most of us have a powerpoint nearby, but for those with couches in the middle of a room, this will be a challenge.

In terms of the actual placement of the USB ports, they’re positioned in the side of the arm, integrated into the control panel for the recliner. For convenience I think positioning them on the top of the arm may have been better and there’s really no good way to deal with the cables. Despite those couple of nitpicks, the idea of designing a couch for our modern digital lounging needs, the Cameo range is one worth checking out.

While Plush have shared the news of the upcoming range on social media, the couch isn’t yet listed on their website (coming soon).

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  1. Seriously? Since when is having cables everywhere plugged into your couch considered stylish?
    Wireless charging hidden inside the armrest so when you put your phone on it, it start charging, now that would be sensible.

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