Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ on sale for US$35

    Raspberry Pi is a fantastic low-cost hardware platform that enables hackers and developers to create IoT solutions. Just over two years ago, the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B was released. Now comes the Model B+ with extra features like upgraded processor, power-over-ethernet, 802.11AC and Bluetooth 4.2 to name a few.

    The first 64-bit version came with wireless connectivity on-board, clearly something that resonated with the community with more than 9 million Raspberry Pi 3 units sold, making a massive 19 million Raspberry Pis (all generations). These have found their way into in schools, homes, offices and factories all over the globe.

    Those Raspberry Pi watchers will know that we have a history of releasing improved versions of our products a couple of years into their lives. The first example was Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+, which added two additional USB ports, introduced our current form factor, and rolled up a variety of other feedback from the community. Raspberry Pi 2 didn’t get this treatment, of course, as it was superseded after only one year; but it feels like it’s high time that Raspberry Pi 3 received the “plus” treatment.

    So, without further ado, Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ is now on sale for $35 (the same price as the existing Raspberry Pi 3 Model B), featuring:

    • A 1.4GHz 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU
    • Dual-band 802.11ac wireless LAN and Bluetooth 4.2
    • Faster Ethernet (Gigabit Ethernet over USB 2.0)
    • Power-over-Ethernet support (with separate PoE HAT)
    • Improved PXE network and USB mass-storage booting
    • Improved thermal management

    If you’re a bit puzzled by all this and what you may use this for, then check out to see some of the amazing projects others are creating. Also, check out the video below.

    The full details are available over at

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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