Review: D-Link 2890AL Wireless Modem Router


I never thought I would ever say this about a modem or router ever.. but the D-Link 2890AL is actually  sexy piece of kit. On top of that, it packs super quick dual-band wireless AC speeds and USB 3.0 inputs for media sharing – impressive spec sheet, but does that all peform?

Since it’s going to get a little annoying typing and reading ‘D-Link 2890AL’ so often in this review, from now on it’s just going to be referred to as the ’2890′.

Hardware and Design

The 2890 is a tad bigger than most other routers or modems, but the shape and sleek glossy black colour make up for that with its modern looks.

The front of the router is full of LED indicators while the back is full of the 2890′s ports, which are:

– 1 USB 2.0 port
– 1 USB 3.0 port
– 3 gigabit LAN ports
– 1 gigabit LAN/WAN port

You can see you’re perfectly catered for with ports, with not much more to ask for.


Using the device

One key thing that can make or break routers is how easy it is to set-up, and thankfully setting up the 2890 is about as easy as it gets. A step-by-step guide helps you instal the modem router with pictures and clear instructions, including selecting and setting up your ISP as well as guiding you through the right security for your wireless network. To see how dummy proof this thing is, I even got one of my friends who lacks any technical know-how to set up their internet connection and network which they were able to do without a hitch. Hooray, no more ‘techie calls’ to set-up your family or friends network!



This thing is a speed demon, capable of speeds of up to 1.7Gbps, definitely the fastest router to ever come into my possession. Why would you need 1.7Gbps you ask? Well if you live in a household that all uses their own computers, tablets or smartphone and want to stream HD movies, download music and play games all at once, you need a lot of bandwidth to keep that going at a decent pace – which the 2890′s speed provides. This speed also helps with what I think is the best feature of the 2890, the fact that it is able to be its own media server simply by plugging in a USB device, rather than having to by your own NAS (Network Attach Storage) device.

Setting up the media server is simple, flick on the DLNA server and add the USB device through Windows Explorer and you can access and share your media through any device connected to the network with ease.

Other things worth including include the ability to manage the modem router remotely through the mydlink software on another computer or your smartphone, as well as its NBN capabilities. The 2890 even includes an advanced settings menu, which allows you to tinker with the modem routers settings to your hearts content.


Honestly, this modem router is the best value home network device that you can buy. It includes everything you would want in the one device, giving you a DLNA media server, super fast wireless speeds and a sleek modern look.


– Super fast AC wireless speeds
– Dual band wireless
– Can be used as a media server without a NAS device


 A bit big
– $230+ price-tag might be a bit much for some

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