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Australia has been ravaged by bushfires this summer and those fires. Those fires have now consumed more than 12 million acres and the smoke generated has blanked much of the east cost of Australia and even other countries like New Zealand. This smoke dramatically impacts the air quality in our homes.

Like many homes, we have evaporative air conditioning and that means having windows open. This is a real issue when air polition, like smoke, is present. Families are faced with the hard decision of either turning off the air-con and closing the window, or leaving the window open, allowing potentially dangrous air into your home.

Thankfully there’s another option and that’s in the form of air purifiers. While some air purifiers are just that, a system that draws in bad air particles, passes them through air filters, then cycles out clean air. This model from Dyson is also a cooler and heater as well as an air purifier, making it the ultimate solution for our bushfire issue, while staying cool.


Curves in all the right places

Dyson’s Pure Hot+Cool purifier offers a large bladeless loop that distributes the airflow in either forward or backwards. This is one of the those features where you wonder why you’d ever need it, but when you own it, you’ll understand. Often you’ll want to enjoy the cool air blowing forward towards you, but other times, you may like to have the air purified, but don’t want direct airflow, so sending it out the back is perfect.

The whole top loop rotates slightly up and down, making it possible to have it pointed at you from a table at the end of the bed, or down to the couch from a side table in the lounge. I also really love the ability to adjust the horizontal rotation. Traditional fans often have a rotation mode, but the angle is predetermined at the factory and not adjustable by the end-user. Dyson instead offers customers the ability to control the radius the fan rotates through and to easily turn towards almost any direction. The customisation here is seriously impressive and during my time with the device, I found multiple times where this level of adjustability came in handy.

Below the loop is a substantial body, larger than Dyson’s smaller fans. This mid-sized fant has a large base thanks to large filters inside the body. Each air purifier offers a volume of airflow they can clean. After looking at most products on the market, this product offers one of the largest area sizes on the market.


How does it perform ?

When it comes to air purification, the Dyson does a seriously great job of cleaning the air. We have an open plan home with a large living, dining and kiten area and to have that volume of square metres is nothing short of amazing. I was a little skeptical that it could convert what was a ‘very poor’ air rating into a ‘good’ rating, but in around an hour the air quality had improved.

What’s great is the ability to check the air quality of your home remotely, via the mobile app. This lets you power on the air purifier remotely, which could have the air cleaned by the time you, or your family are home.

The air is cleaned using a HEPA and Carbon filter, both of which have sensors to inform you when they need replacing. This removes and guess work around the timeframe for replacement or cleaning and makes it easy to manage.

The specs of the device list the air purification as having an effective coverage area of an 81m3 room. An example of how this translates into a real room size, it’s 5.8m wide x 5.5m long x 2.55m heigh. Obviously if you have a large home, you can add multiple, but I expect most people would end up with one in the living room and one in a bedroom.


Stand out features of this display.

The Dyson Hot + Cool Air Purifier is packed full of features, including the ability to automatically detect airborne particles and gases. The device filters this potentially harmful air using a combination of activated carbon filters and sealed HEPA filters to capture 99.95% of ultrafine particles such as allergens and pollutants.

Understanding that you likely don’t want to run this 24/7, there’s a fairly robust scheduling option available through the app. This allows you to setup routines, like morning, evening and night that clean the air for a portion of the day. There’s also the ability to set it to run all day, or set a completely custom schedule to suit your movements through the week. When configuring these events, you can fully customise what setting you want the device to use, like fan speed, airflow direction etc.

Fan cools you in summer
We’ve had a scorcher of a summer with record temperatures of up to 46 degress in Albury Wodonga. In this warmer weather, a powerful stream of purified airflow is a welcome compliment to other air cooling solutions in your home. We have ducted cooling, which means the air comes through vents in the roof, while a more direct airflow can be very welcome to cool you down. If you’d prefer more indirect cooling, you can send the air out the back of the fan, to cool the whole room in more of an ambient way.

Heats in winter
Living in one of the most broad-spectrum climates, winter often produces temperatures below zero degrees. With the Dyson, you get heat projected towards you.

Mobile app
The air quality of your home can be monitored through the Dyson Link app. This gives you a great visualisation of the air quality inside of your home, compared to the air quality outside, giving a direct comparison for users to ensure it is having a positive impact.

Oscillates up to 350°
The device can rotate through a wide angle between 45° to 350°. This movement can help project the purified air around the whole room.

Night-time mode
While the motor that blows the air from the device are typically fairly quite, hitting night mode, will put it into the quietest setting, and conveniently the LCD screen dimmed. This makes it a great solution for staying comfortable in the bedroom and shows an understanding of its possible use cases by its designers.

Remote control
A neat little trick to avoid loosing the control is that it’s curved and magnetised, so it can be stored neatly on top of the machine.


Weight (kg): 5.71kg
Cord length: 1.8m
Total height: 76.4cm
Amp width: 205mm
Base Diameter/with Plate: 248mm
Dimensions: 76.4 x 20.5 x 13 cm
Airflow max setting: 310 litres/sec


Not everything’s perfect

With a smartphone app (DysonLink) to control the device, this certainly feels like a smart, connected device, but it does lack a couple of important features. The lack of support for services like IFTTT, or voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant (Amazon Alexa is supported) are a miss that’ll disappoint some potential owners and something I’d expect in future revisions.

While you can check the air quality when you’re away from home and then turn on the air purifier, I’d much prefer to share my calendar and have it understand when I finish work, then automatically check the air quality and if it’s worse than Good, it should spring into action. If Dyson can’t offer this level of automation, then a connection to IFTTT services would enable me to program it to work with other services that’d do it for me.

In terms of running the heating or cooling, there’s on or off modes, as well as a timer, but I’d love to see a thermostat setting, comined with a calendar, so if on the weekend, it’d keep my office in a comfortable range.

Finally on my list of complaints, would be the display. While the device ships with a remote, that was definitely in the drawer after day 2. The smartphone app offers most of the funcationality, but other members of your house may want to alter the fan, like air direciton or angle. When you walk by it, it’d be great to have the display be a touchscreen and support simple swipe gestures, like a smartwatch display.


How much and when can you get one ?

The Dyson Hot and Cool Air Purifier is avialable now from Dyson directly for A$899.00 through their online store, or from your familiar retailers if you need it immediately.

For that price, it sits at a premium price compared to a dedicated air purifier, but the features on offer and the hot and cooling attributes make this a premium product that justifies that price tag.

The device si avaialble in two colours, white/silver like our review unit, and a black/nickel finish that looks pretty slick and may blend in with your styling.


Final thoughts

While the effectiveness of an air purifier dependends heavily on right sizing the solution to the volume of air you’re cleaning, if you have the right sized home, or put this in a single room, this does a great job. We experienced the most severe air quality when the bushfire smoke surrounded us and air quality outside was many times the recommended levels of bad stuff. Thankfully running the Dyson for around an hour, had a positive effect on the air quality in our home, great for my family and especially our 20 month old daughter.

While the outside air was Very Poor, inside was Good and for that alone, that comfort of mind that whatever is happening outside, you can create a safe inside environment, it’s worth the price of admission.

Other air purifiers generally cost two-thirds the price and have none of the great features of the Dyson, so after using it for more than a month, I strongly recommend it. It does have a large footprint, but the tradeoff is the size of the filters are substantial and should last quite a while. It also moves a lot of air, making it great as just a fan, or the ability to use the same device as a heater in winter or and cooler in summer, makes it super simple and a smaller footprint than 3 individual devices.

Dyson’s biggest safety benefit is of course the lack of blades. This not only makes it quieter, but it meant I had no concerns about my daughter interacting with it, it was never going to hurt her.

If you’re looking for an air purifier, then you should definitely consider this device, if you’re looking for something that solves your airflow needs for all seasons, then you just found it.

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  1. You have totally missed the purifiers “Auto” option Jason. It will automatically turn the fan on/off speed up/down etc to keep the air purity level to the desired range, that you have configured in the app.

    No need for IFTTT etc.

    • Thanks I have updated the post in the Features area to make this a little clearer. I still would love to see IFTTT integration to bounce off your activity like ‘when I arrive home’ turn on Dyson, rather than at a set time of day.

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