Review: Foxtel on Xbox 360 app

Foxtel on Xbox 360

Foxtel recently completed their acquisition of Austar which means Foxtel on Xbox 360 is now available regional areas, legitimately. Sure you could have lied about your postcode, but the reality is not everyone is prepared to do that. It’s a decent app that has many strengths (access to more content, design etc) but has some shortcomings that need to be addressed.

For now we’re stuck with the same bundling of typical pay TV, despite there being no technical reason for it, it is clearly a business decision to not offer a-la-carte.

In the lead up to the Olympics, keep in mind that the additional 8 Olympic channels can be obtained with an impulse buy using this method. Check out the video review below for what works well and what doesn’t. This review was sponsored by

For all the plans and details head to

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