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I love the portability of my tablet. Being able to watch movies on the train, check my emails at Starbucks, and even write university papers is easier than ever thinks to the small size and weight of the modern tablet. The sole downside, in my opinion? The poor onscreen keyboards.

The Bluetooth keyboard isn’t a new invention, nor is it something that has only entered the market recently, but a proper keyboard peripheral for the Android platform from a trusted hardware manufacturer is something we’ve yet to see.

A full sized QWERTY keyboard, this piece of hardware brings a desktop-like experience to the portable tablet platform. Unlike the onscreen version, the physical Bluetooth keyboard is devoid of any key cramping and all of the keys feel responsive, precise, and refresh at an incredibly fast rate.

Built on a sturdy frame, the simple black surface with a white center is strikingly attractive and aesthetically pleasing, with white key markings remaining vibrant and visible in low light even after hours of use. Laid inline, the top right of the keyboard features two small green LEDs, the left showing the Bluetooth connection and the right the battery status. Just beside this is a simple on and off switch.

As with most notebook keyboards, this device features a plethora of different hotkeys, ranging from Home, Calendar, Music, and even a quick key to access your internet browser (whichever it may be). The function keys become second nature to use after a while, and their inclusion is greatly appreciated.


When the keyboard is not being used, it slides neatly away in a hard body case lined with light blue felt. When it is being used, the keyboard’s case folds into a handy tablet stand with a variety of angles that can be used. It’s a great feature that is subtly engineered, but helps the tablet experience even more so.

Although the keyboard has a number of highly positive aspects, a number of design choices struck me as strange. Firstly, the batteries are non-rechargeable AAA sized. Using Bluetooth – a connection known for low power consumption – means they’re not likely to drain, but some sort of USB charge would have made more sense.

Another negative aspect was the weight of the unit. Coming in at around 400 grams means it’s only just a little bit lighter than my Motorola Xoom. I’m happy to overlook the weight because of the great construction and keyboard, but this might be a deal breaker for some people looking for low weight.

The Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard for Android 3.0+ Devices is Logitech’s (surprise, surprise) offering to fill the external keyboard void so evidently noticeable in the Android space.

While the iPad and iOS series has a number of high quality keyboard products, the Android tablet and phone series has been starkly without, and as with all their equipment, Logitech’s entry is an entry anyone looking for portability and productivity owes it to themselves to check out and purchase. The Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard for Android devices costs RRP A$99.95.

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