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I try to live my life digitally, however many companies I interact with haven’t yet made the transition. This means I end up with paper and need to deal with that. For years I did what most do, store important paperwork in a filing cabinet. When the filing cabinet was full, you buy another one. Thankfully digitising physical documents is easy with the right tool.

While flatbed scanners have been around for many, many years, we now have companies like inoTech offering the PaperAir 1000N scanner that leverages a smart software layer to the workflow.

As you scan your important documents into the scanner, the software is analysing their content and building an index of all the content, used to make searching a breeze in the future.

That’s the real challenge, you won’t need a document tomorrow, or next week, but you may need it quickly in a few years from now. Take your home and contents insurance for example. Imagine you have a theft, fire or flood at your house and need to make a claim. First thing you need to check is what your policy covers you for. In a time of distress, you want the process of finding your policy a simple and easy one.

Using the PaperAir Manager software, you can search a document by its file name, tag information or by any of the contents in the file. Searching ‘Insurance’ or ‘Policy’ or even the name of your insurance provider would get you to the policy in seconds.

If you receive a paper version of your insurance policy, and scan it in using the 1000N scanner, it’s a great idea to store these important files to a location on your drive like OneDrive. This means it’ll be backed up to the cloud and available by signing into any computer or even mobile device. This model works well in the event the worst happens and you loose your computer and those old filing cabinets.

The flatbed scanner is also ultraportable, made simple with just a single USB connection to provide the data and power. This means you could throw it in a backpack and move it between work and home, allowing you to extract more value for money.



  • Ultra slim – 44mm in height and 1.8 kg in weight
  • Scan size up to A4 (215mm x 297mm)
  • Optical resolution up to 600 dpi
  • A4-size pages scanned in only 7 seconds (color, 300 dpi)
  • Powered by USB cable
  • Automatic resolution
  • Automatic cropping and image straightening
  • High speed USB 2.0 port

Price and Availability

The PaperAir 1000N scanner is available now from InoTech for A$388.00. For that price, it’s certainly a premium price, given all-in-one printers and scanners can be found easily under $100.00. This means you’ll need to mentally attribute a decent portion of that price tag to the software smarts on offer here.


The scanner uses an LED illumination system which is how it gets away with just a USB connection for power. This also enables instant use, avoiding any warm up process. The speed of the scanning is important too, given you’ll likely put hundreds of pages from your filing cabinet through it. This takes just 7 seconds to do a single page, enabling you to scan many pages per minute.

The challenge of digitising your live is a real one we all live with. While more service providers are enabling you to opt for electronic communication, it only takes 1 for this to be an issue. If you’re life involves too much paper, then considering scanning it in with the PaperAir 1000N and recycling the paper instead.


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