Review: Segway-Ninebot KickScooter powered by Segway

    The Segway-Ninebot F40A is the flagship electric scooter in their range, offering some impressive stats including a massive 40km range and a top speed of up to 25km/h maximum speed.

    While electric scooters can be used for general fun and recreation, a scooter like this is definitely designed to facilitate daily commutes. In theory, you could travel for as much as 1.5hrs before needing a charge, so assuming you live within 40 minutes, you’d be able to make it there and back each day.

    Another scenario is that you drive into the city from the suburbs, then find parking and use the scooter to commute the last mile (or km) to the office.

    Along with these transport-focused buyers, there is also a market of people who buy electric scooters, simply to have fun and fun they are. I am continually surprised at just how much enjoyment I get from riding them and the F40A is right up there with the best I’ve used.

    Whatever the motivation to buy, it’s time to detail what’s great and what’s not and decide if this is right for your next scooter.


    Bright, bold, comfortable design

    While design is a very personal thing, I think the Segway’s Ninebot Kickscooter F40 features a really great design. The main body is bathed in a matte grey finish, with bright orange accents around the 10″ wheels and complimented by the orange brake cable and rubberised grip on the throttle.

    The foldable design is not uncommon in the industry, but I do appreciate how quickly you unclip the 2-stage mechanism, particularly if you regularly fold and put in the boot of your car.

    When it comes to interfacing with the scooter, you’ll use the digital display to monitor your current speed, ride mode and battery life.

    The battery is built into the deck and as all good EVs do, keeps the center of gravity nice and low for better handling.

    The charging port is tucked away in the deck of the scooter, in a convenient location that makes it easy to access, a really well thought-out design.


    How does it perform ?

    The performance of this scooter is seriously impressive. When you see the headline figure of a 25km/hr top speed, that doesn’t really prepare you for the acceleration. This thing is fast and that’s not only fun, it’s really helpful when you need to avoid obstacles.

    When it comes to the top speed, this scooter seems to be able to maintain that a lot better, even up some inclines. There is a point where it will slow and this also depends on the rider’s weight, but if your commute has a few slopes, this can certainly handle it.

    Regarding that top speed, the scooter is actually capable of 30km/hr but due to Australian regulations, that’s been limited for this market.

    Segway offers a range of scooters and in the F series, there is the F20, F25, F30 and F40. These mostly differ on motor power, range and top speed.

    Something common to the F Series of electric scooters is that they all feature a regenerative brake system. This works just like electric cars which captures the energy of your forward momentum and that energy is then fed back into battery to extend ride time.

    All scooters have three riding modes- Eco Mode, Standard Mode and Sport Mode


    Stand out features of this scooter.

    10″ wheels 
    With larger wheels, you’re able to ride up and down gutters easily and ride over rough surfaces without issue. Even at higher speeds, the scooter feels rock solid and with a grippy tyre, speeding through turns at an angle provides confidence. In fact when it comes to turning, you can take a left or right turn at a max turning angle of 60°.

    While there’s no active suspension on this scooter, the elastic tyres do a great job at absorbing the bumps and vibrations, avoiding the dreaded numb hands.

    Water-channelling non-slip tread
    When you’re enjoying your ride, the weather doesn’t always co-operate. You can be caught in the rain and if you are, you can be confident the scooter remains safe to ride. Thanks to well designed tyres that feature central grooves, the water is channeled away and a diamond pattern on the tire shoulder prevents sideslip.

    Resilient carbon structural steel frame
    When you ride, particularly at the upper-end of the speeds possible with this scooter, you want to be assured that structure is solid and it is tough enough to withstand whatever riding you throw at it.

    Motor life
    The electric motor in the front wheel is rated for a massive 3,000 hours. At an estimated use of around 1 hour per day, that places it’s lifespan at 8 years.

    Two-wheel brakes Electronic brake + Disc brake
    The brakes on this scooter includes a disc brake and regenerative braking system that turns the scooter. Energy is collected from regenerative braking and distributed when you need a boost.

    Riding Experience
    The exceptional speed of the F series enables you to whiz through town. The F40A delivers a speed up to 25km/h. The 350W output provides plenty of torque-on-demand, helping you conquer up to 20% grade slope.

    Equipped with a high capacity battery, the F40A delivers a 40km range on a single charge. Get ready for new adventures and easier commutes.

    3 riding modes
    Easily switch between the three riding modes, Eco, Standard, and Sports with two clicks on the intuitive LED dashboard, allowing you to ride the way you want.

    • Eco mode: Extended range. Suitable for low battery
    • Standard mode: A perfect balance between speed and battery life. Suitable for daily travel
    • Sport mode: Faster climbing capability. Suitable for slopes.

    Bluetooth connectivity
    The Segway-Ninebot app connects to the scooter via Bluetooth to monitor your riding status and data, lock your kickscooter and upgrade the firmware and enhance the overall riding experience.

    Built-In LED light
    If you find you’re riding and the sun beats you home, then it’s great to know you have the option to turn on a front-facing 2.5w high-brightness LED light to illuminate the path ahead of you and increase your visibility to others around you.


    Dimension: 1143×480×1160mm
    Folding size: 1143×480×495mm
    Product weight: 15.9 kg
    Carrying weight: up to 120kg
    Rider height: 120 – 200 cm
    Rider age: 14 – 60 years



    Not everything’s perfect

    When to comes to the deck, it’s wider than most scooters, but I don’t think anyone would ride this with feet side-by-side, instead one behind the other.

    Personally I did find it a little shorter than I would prefer, but I do have size 13 shoes, so others may not find this to be an issue. The design of the deck angles up aggressively at the front of the deck to clear the front wheel.


    How much and when can you get one ?

    The Segway-Ninebot KickScooters F20A, F25, F30 and F40A are available now in Australia via distributor Panmi.

    The Segway-Ninebot KickScooter 40A (reviewed) costs A$1,199.00 and for what’s on offer in terms of performance, design and features I think represents really good value.

    The cheapest in the range is the F20A which costs $899.00 and the middle options are filled out with the F30 for $999.00. While some price sensitive buyers may need to opt for the lower tiers, I would encourage all to stretch to the top model to get the performance and range of the F40A.


    Final thoughts

    It is really easy to recommend this electric scooter to anyone looking for a transport solution. It’s super easy to throw on a backpack, a helmet and jump on this thing to get places fast.

    This has the range to be a viable solution for a daily commute, and for many you could charge just once or twice a week and get a week’s worth of use. This is the advantage of having a decent battery, efficient motors and regenerative braking to achieve great range.

    I really love the design of the F40A and I think it’ll appeal to many, you easily look at home in a suit through metro environments, or more casual clothes near the beach.

    The price is maybe a little high some first time scooter owners, but those that are serious about getting around towns and cities will likely see the value here. For the performance and range, it’s worth it, for the design on top and smartphone functionality, it easily tips the scales to making sense.

    If you’re in the market for an electric scooter, then you should absolutely consider the Segway-Ninebot F40A electric scooter.

    Disclaimer: Ride with caution and always wear a helmet and protective gear. Each state and territory in Australia have different rules and regulations for using your product, including where you can legally use such products and if you need to register them with your state’s road traffic authority.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
    Creator of techAU, Jason has spent the dozen+ years covering technology in Australia and around the world. Bringing a background in multimedia and passion for technology to the job, Cartwright delivers detailed product reviews, event coverage and industry news on a daily basis. Disclaimer: Tesla Shareholder from 20/01/2021


    1. I like everything about this scooter, besides power, range, lack of suspension and being FWD. The best thing this scooter has is it’s IP rating and weight. Au1,200 is steep though, that’s 3.6k Malaysian ringgit. In Malaysia the F40 goes 30km/hr and it only costs rm2.5k.

    2. Many things to like but it lacks torque so stalls out on rather mild slopes. The braking can be a bit strong so be wary of it. Could do to have wider and or longer foot tread.

      My first scooter so learning experience.

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