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The SONOS PLAY: 1 speaker is the cheapest way to get into SONOS equipment. There is no doubt, the PLAY:1 is the gateway drug to get you to fall in love with the brand. The PLAY:1 does require power, but other than that is very portable. It’s just 11.91cm wide and 16.15cm tall, making it great to perfect to pickup and move around the house.

The PLAY:1 may be a compact form factor, but the sound it produces sounds like it’s being delivered by something far larger. Packed inside the pretty stunning industrial design is not one, but two class D amplifiers, one 3.5” mid-woofer for great mid-range reproduction and deep bass. The higher end sounds are produced in crisp detail thanks to a single tweeter which all adds up to fantastic sound. A word of warning, this thing will annoy your neighbours, so if that’s what you wanted, this certainly has the volume to achieve that goal.


One of the most common uses for portable or semi-portable speakers like this is in the bathroom. Whether you set yourself a 2 song water limit in the shower, are working on your singing or enjoy a relaxing playlist in the bath, the PLAY:1 is built for the bathroom. When constructing the PLAY:1, SONOS engineers really understood their customers and realised the humid conditions often found inside steamy bathrooms. Thanks to humidity resistance, the PLAY:1 won’t break as you enjoy your music in those conditions. Just take care as it’s not waterproof, just humid-proof.

Connection to a PLAY:1 is an easy process, once you have the Bridge (Included) connected to your router via ethernet, you can fire up the controller app. When you get to the adding a SONOS component, just press the power and volume button on the PLAY:1 and it’ll be discovered. After a couple of next, next, done screens, you’re speaker will be ready for audio playback.


Naturally being a SONOS device, it works with all the standard services like Spotify, rdio, songl, JBHiFi NOW, MOG, Pandora, TuneIn Radio and Deezer. You can configure the PLAY:1 as left and right pairs if you pickup a couple of them. If you combine 2xPLAY:1 speakers with 2xPLAY:3 speakers and a SONOS SUB, then you’ll have a full 5.1 surround sound speaker system that will sound amazing! Mind you, that solution won’t be cheap at around $2,498.

SONOS PLAY:1 speakers are currently available from SONOS for $299.

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