Ring Car Connect puts Tesla Sentry Mode in your pocket

It’s pretty well accepted that Tesla has the best built-in security system of any vehicle. That security is powered by a feature called ‘Teslacam’ where video from the car’s external cameras are recorded to a storage drive in the car.

When the feature first shipped, it was undercooked and users we left manually formatting drives, emptying drives when they were full of recordings etc. Now after a number of improvements, the process is simple and Sentry Mode is a really great experience to keep your vehicle secure.

When you return your vehicle, you are notified of any Sentry events that occurred while you were away. This could be as harmless as someone walking by your car, or in the extreme, someone intentionally damaging it, or smashing window to steal either the car or your belongings.

The one outstanding feature the Tesla community has been missing, is the ability to review the footage from Teslacam, on their mobile phones.

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Thanks to a new feature from Ring, that’s now going to be possible. Initially, this will just be available in the US, but rest assured this is definitely in high demand internationally.

Tesla models S, 3, X, & Y owners, will be able to watch Tesla Sentry Mode and recorded driving footage over wifi or from anywhere with an optional LTE connectivity plan.

Ring’s website isn’t particularly clear if they’re referring to premium connectivity in your Tesla, or a Ring hardware device would be needed along with another 4G data plan.

With the right connectivity, you could tap into your car’s built-in cameras to get alerts and watch recorded video, right inside the Ring App. There’s likely a pretty large ven diagram of Tesla and Ring owners, so this integration is certainly appreciated.


The next feature I’d love to see is Tesla work with Ring, to be able to answer Ring notifications on the car’s display. If I was driving and received a notification there was someone at my door, I’d happily pull over, talk to them (likely a courier) and discuss where to securely leave my delivery.

In years to come, if Tesla can achieve Full Self Driving, there’d be no need to stop the vehicle, just answer the Ring and participate in a 2-way audio conference, while seeing a video stream of the person at your house.

I hope this same technology can be used to leverage the other video recording types like Track mode. This could potentially give us a way to easily access and download footage from track events. Today, most people are using sneakernet to move the drive inside and transfer the footage.

Ring also has a vehicle security product for non-Tesla’s known as the Ring Car Cam. This helps you protect your car via 2x HD cameras that actively detect and record bumps, break-ins, and more.

The app gives you real-time alerts should any events occur, or alternatively, you can manually check-in with Live View to give you comfort your pride and joy is safe. The app can also show you the vehicle’s location, and activate the siren in the Ring App over wifi or from anywhere with an optional LTE connectivity plan.

More at Ring.com

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