Routee AI Chatbot helps businesses automate customer support

    Engaging and supporting customers is an increasingly demanding task for businesses. In 2020, that challenge got even more difficult. Thankfully there are technology solutions that offer customers modern ways of seeking support.

    WayMore is a software development company that has created a new product called ‘Routee AI chatbot‘.

    There are generally 3 different types of chatbots – rule-based that are basic, simply scanning for keywords in your inputs, hybrid chatbots that act as a transition between the rule-based and the AI chatbots, and the smartest, most human-like AI-powered chatbots. These leverage Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to deliver more natural conversation.

    AI is usually a very poorly understood term. The best way to describe it is a computer that makes neural pathways between decisions and memories based the inputs available to it, very similar to how our brains work. The big difference is computers can store and access large databases of information faster and more accurately than humans could ever dream of.

    This means businesses can use Routee to build knowledge of the products and services offered, then provide intelligent responses to customer enquiries that feel like a real human. It’s not enough to simply recognise the text in a message, but AI can actually understand intent, important for delivering a great experience the first time.

    The great thing about Maymore’s technology is that it doesn’t require complex and expensive development to get this working. This takes really advanced technology and makes it available to everyone from small business owners to bigger businesses like banks, fashion houses, education institutions, hospitality, and more.

    If you’re an eCommerce business, then you can not only leverage the AI-powered chatbots to support customers but to support potential customers who are enquiring about product purchases.

    Your organisation may have great staff, but this is ultimately a case of computers being better at a task than humans. Computers don’t need to take breaks, they don’t have bad days, they have perfect recall of information and can do that in a fraction of a second across a vast product portfolio.

    A modern chatbot like Routee can constantly learn from an evolving dataset, increasing the accuracy of its inference engine, as consumes more training data like that of previous customer enquiries. This technique of constant learning ensures the advice provided is always up to date.

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    Your business can now deploy WayMore’s Chatbot AI solution to comprehend and engage in contextual dialogue with your audience using Natural Language Processing (NLP).

    The Chatbot AI can understand the intent of a user’s question, as it applies sophisticated natural language processing to decipher the context in the user’s words, regardless of how the user phrases the inquiry.

    Using the machine learning methodology, WayMore‘s Chatbot AI determines and delivers the right response to the user in a format that is easily understood by the user.

    At the same, the chatbot learns more variations of the same intent and which responses are the most appropriate for each intent. It’s not magic, it’s pure science and lies at the tip of your fingers!

    Making investments in new technology may be scary, especially during uncertain times like 2020, however fortune favours the brave. Those who are bold and invest in more efficient business practices, like the use of AI assistants to assist customers and increase conversions, will have a better chance of success.

    As your business and customer base grows, scaling your team is incredibly difficult and while phone support still has its place, leverage intelligent chat interfaces allow potential customers to get the answers they need, faster.

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    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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